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Would you ever.....?

Go in a store and ask a cashier.....Do I have a hole in my pants right here and proceed to turn around and show him your butt and put your fingers there on your butt cheek???!!! And then when he looked and said "No" She said omg my friend lied to me!! She said I had a big hole in my pants!! OMG yep that's what some lady did to Leon earlier tonight at work!! LOL..sorry but there is NO way that I would ever go into a store and ask a complete stranger and especially not a strange guy that I don't know if I had a hole in my pants on my butt!! Good grief what are people thinking???!! Really??!!! 

My oldest son got a job today!! So proud of him!

I am a very proud and happy mother today!! My son who is soon to be 18, went out and got an application last night, brought it back today for his interview and got hired!! He starts tonight around 5! So happy and proud of him!!  Funny how things happen by accident, he went up there with his friend who was wanting to get hired but he wasn't old enough yet so the guy asked Jared how old he was and he told him and he said here ya go come back tomorrow afternoon!!! How awesome is that??!! Its at a restaurant and the greatest thing is, its about 2-3 blocks from here so he can walk!! Yay I don't have to take him!! Just down a little in the same shopping center where hubby works! Pretty cool!

Nintendo 64 instead of the wii? Who would of thought?? LOL

Well good grief!!! When Leon and Jared first mentioned buying a nintendo 64 (we use to have one years ago) I thought no the rest of the kids aren't going to like it...they are into the gamecube and the wii. But I gave in and spent a whopping $20 on the nintendo 64 from the  pawn shop and a few games for $3 each. They were pretty cool games, like Mario and Pokemon and Donkey Kong but we need the expansion thing for the DK which we will go get for a whopping $2 later. Anyway, my youngest son Sean, who is very very picky on the systems and games that he in there playing the 64 this morning!! I didn't get woke up to hollering and bickering over whose got what and who did that and so forth!!! I got to sleep in..until 8! then layed back down trying to get rid of the headache...didn't work but anyway he's in there being quiet!! I love it!! No bickering and  pestering so far today! I will be going back to the pawn shops along with my movie hunting to buy more movies

Bargains at the Pawn Shop

So today we went into 2 pawn shops, there are a couple more here in town but really haven't checked them out yet. The first one they had a nintendo 64 for $25 but geez the games for them was freaking $8 each!! That just sounded to high for me. So we went to the other pawn shop and we found a nintendo 64 for $20 and not only that but the games was only $3 each!! So one of my son's and hubby picked out 6 games for it and 2 memory card things for it. Then I looked at the movies and got 3 of them for $2 each. Fantastic 4, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle and Just Married. I couldn't resist.   So anyway I am thinking that every week I will go to the pawn shops and get a few movies, one of them has all the friends DVD's seasons for $2 each so I might get a couple of those every week and eventually have them all and a few others too. I figure $2 isn't that much and why not get them used as long as they look good still shouldn't be a problem rather then buying

Beautiful weather out again today....

I am so glad that its calmed down here and its nice and pretty out..well not always pretty, partly cloudy for half of the day but its been so nice out in the lower 70s...I absolutely love this kind of weather and really wish that it could stay these temps all year around!   Hopefully wherever you all are, your having great weather and enjoying it :) Have a great weekend everyone..lots of things to do this weekend, work being one of them...ugh! Need to get caught up and organize my work here in my home fun!    

quiz - Does clutter control you?

Here is today's taking action on its about can take the quiz and see what your score is...I'm not too bad but I do need to de-clutter soon!

Busy but productive day

Today I got some work done, probably not as much as I could of or should of but a lot. It doesn't help that the boss jumps from this task to the next one and then gives a list of things and then jumps back to the 3rd one on the list and then jumps back and forth all over the place so yea a few things got left out but will get them done tomorrow. Its a stressful job, of course probably anyone that is in the real estate field will tell you its a stressful job no matter what position your in...real estate is just stressful period! Dealing with banks, clients, and everyone else...   I got things done, kids came home, made supper, ate, watched TV and relaxed while eating. Watched Don't Forget the Lyrics   Love that show!! Then I made the mistake of turning it on HLN and watching a little of Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell and don't get me wrong..I love her!! She's great...its just I made the mistake of listening to all the heart breaking stories that are currently goi

Help and click today :)

Good evening everyone,   I know that we all are busy busy these days and usually at least for myself, don't ever get everything done that I was wanting to do in a day. But here lately I have been taking about 2 minutes out of my busy day and schedule to click on 2 sites and help out. I don't have a lot of money to donate to any one program or anything but I believe and hope that I am right when these sites like say that when you click on the different things that it helps, I really hope that they are true because I have been doing my best lately to help in that way and also on the site I figure its the least that I can do to take out 1-2 minutes out of my busy day or evening and click on the things and help the kids, women and animals. Won't you do the same too and help out?   Have a great evening.     

Love the clouds and today's weather

It was mid 60s and feeling good today..cloudy mostly all day but oh well it felt good out. Love the clouds and sky and will start taking pictures every evening again..missed doing that :) Here's one from earlier tonight

Happy Birthday to my brother Jared!!

Today is my brother Jared's birthday. I hope that he had a great day. I miss him and love him so much. He's a great person, wonderful dad and a great brother  Hope to see him soon and my adorable nephew that definitely takes after him!

Temps warming up thank goodness!!

Love the weather this week so far. It was cloudy out today but the temp was perfect!! Mid 60's and the same for tomorrow and through the next 5 days or so its supposed to be mid 60s through mid 70s!! That is just the perfect weather I think. Not to chilly and not to warm.   I hope it stays like that for a glad that the snow and ice are gone at least for now and hopefully will stay gone until the end of the year..we will see.

Could Eating Bugs Help Slow Climate Change?

So I was doing my clicking for today, I went to and then to and as I was done with the clicking there is always a daily action in which you can do too. I went there and that was the title of it today... Could Eating Bugs Help Slow Climate Change?   My first reaction was Yuck!! And ewe!! I don't think that I would or could do that. I know that they are probably right when they say that it could help the environment and such and that other countries are doing this etc etc but I don't think that there is any way that I would be able to deal with eating bugs  instead of something like hamburgers or pizza or anything else that I am use to eating...just wouldn't be the same. And I'm not saying that I am "too good" to do it...just the thought of it makes me want to get sick. I have a weak stomach as it is.   So what is your thoughts on this? Interested or repulsed like me!     

Become a SoyLicious Consultant today :)

Good afternoon everyone, Are you looking for something to do from home? Do you love candles? If you love candles and want a variety of fragrances then you have found the right place...try SoyLicious Candles . We have 60 samples that will come with your start up kit. And you don't have to spend a lot every month on a min order or anything like that. You can choose to buy some candles during the month or don't. And if your like me and don't always need more candles every month then you can just pay the $10 and keep your site going and not have to worry about placing an order. I love all the little samples that they send you.Its awesome to be able to show people the samples and let them smell and decide if that is the scent that they thought it was or maybe another one that they didn't know even existed! I love candles and I love SoyLicious. Join us today    Consultant Order Shop Now

Matt Damon - 2 week rule keeps strong marriage

Matt Damon  is one busy guy. With two films released back-to-back and another two films in production, how does the actor stay close with his kids and keep the romance alive with his wife Luciana ? “We have a two-week rule,” Damon, 40, told PEOPLE Saturday at a press conference for his new movie  The Adjustment Bureau  in New York. “We don’t allow ourselves to be apart.” “When I did  True Grit , I asked  Joel  and  Ethan [ Coen ] to board the movie so that I was never away from home for more than a week and they did that,” he says. “So I was working like two days a week and I would fly back [home].” If works calls for uprooting the family away from home in New York City, Damon will pack his suitcases and take his entire brood of daughters —  Alexia , 12,  Isabella , 4½,  Gia , 2½, and  Stella ,  almost 4 months  — with him. “I just took this big movie in L.A. and we’re all there together,” he says. With a balanced work and family life, Damon says he’s lucky not to carry the burden o

You make this day what it will become

The way this day goes, begins with you. The way this day goes, begins right now. Your attitude can make today a great one. Your actions can make this day an effective and fulfilling time.   It all begins right now, with how you choose to see it. It all begins right where you are, with what you choose to do.   There is enormous power in your hands right now. You have the power to put meaning, fulfillment and value in this day.   Feel the power of your most beautiful purpose, and get yourself going. Make some steady progress, and keep it up.   The treasure of today is here to be unlocked by who you are and what you do. Now, make that treasure yours.   Ralph Marston


Truth isn't a matter of your personal viewpoint. Learn to see things as they really are, not as you imagine they are. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or who says it. No matter what you believe, it never changes the facts. If they are there, the facts always speak for themselves. The truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of people. If sixty million people say a foolish thing, it's still a foolish thing. The sky is no less blue because the blind man does not see it. This is still from the morning coffee...just decided to break it up into 3 pieces so it wasn't so long.

Morning Coffee - Squeeze the anger out of your life

Squeeze Anger Out of Your Life by Jane Powell “Infuse tranquility into your life and relationships.” Accepting responsibility for what you are feeling is hard, especially when what you are feeling is anger. If you leave angry feelings unresolved, they may turn into resentment, envy, jealousy, revenge and, eventually, hatred. These emotions also lie at the root of depression. And, who wants that? Is there something that repeatedly makes your blood boil, that you end up screaming and yelling about, every time the subject comes up? Ask yourself if you’re overreacting or taking something too seriously. If you still feel your anger is justified, change your response. The relief that comes after screaming and yelling is short lived. Look for more constructive ways to vent. For starters, try talking your way through your anger, instead of reacting with rage. Be proactive, take charge, be calm and bask in the light of serenity. " Morning Coffee" Created, and maint

Valentines Day - Something special or just another day?

Well today was my 16th wedding anniversary...a few mixed feelings going on here. Well actually 15 if you count the year that he went off and did his own thing with another woman!! We were married and 5 weeks later, poof he decides that he's going to up and leave. At the time I didn't realize or even consider that I was already pregnant. And it wasn't until my son Christopher Brian was a couple of months old before he came back into the picture. And not only that, but the prick made us get a paternity test!!! The nerve of him wanting my son to get a paternity test when HE was the one out cheating!!! What a man!! Should of known and ended it then and there but because of my son I didn't...sometimes if I could turn back time...I love my children and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world...but the man that I married...I'm not happy, haven't been for awhile and I don't love him. So its basically just another day here...It use to actually mean som

The Bachelor - FINALLY a great night!!!!

So if you have been keeping up with the bachelor and watching tonight then you probably already know what or rather who I am referring too!! Yes it was an awesome show tonight. I can see the stress on all the ladies faces and on Brad's too and that is just heartbreaking because I just feel for them all. It takes a lot I am sure to put your feelings and heart out there on the line with someone that you have known for such a short amount of time.   I must say that I didn't like what Ashley did at the photo shoot!! I was shocked...I didn't think that she would of done least she covered them with shells but still..I was shocked! Then the thing with the other girl Chantel O I think it was (I get those two Chantel and Shauntel mixed up all the time) well the one that did the photo shoot and started crying and having a conniption when he gave the rose to Ashley on the group date instead of her...I don't know, I didn't like that at all...just her attitude ri

Taylor Lautner turned 19 Friday Feb 11th :)

I completely agree with all of these!! LOL Top 10 reasons it's perfectly acceptable to love Taylor if you're not a teen:  1.   The smile:   Whether it's full wattage or his sexy half smile, there's no shame in melting a little at the sight of those pearly whites.   2.   He doesn't really look like a teenager : Throw that boy in a suit, and he'd fool us for mid-twenties any day. See No. 8. 3.   His body:   Let's be honest, those abs do not belong on a teenager. After bulking up to save his role in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," it's been speculated that his new frame may have actually saved his entire career.   4.   He has artistic integrity:   We're not complaining that the Teen Wolf had his shirt off for the majority of "New Moon," but that doesn't mean he's going to be that shirtless guy in every movie. He actively refused to bare his chest in   "Valentine's Day,"  because he failed to see any r