Bargains at the Pawn Shop

So today we went into 2 pawn shops, there are a couple more here in town but really haven't checked them out yet. The first one they had a nintendo 64 for $25 but geez the games for them was freaking $8 each!! That just sounded to high for me. So we went to the other pawn shop and we found a nintendo 64 for $20 and not only that but the games was only $3 each!! So one of my son's and hubby picked out 6 games for it and 2 memory card things for it. Then I looked at the movies and got 3 of them for $2 each. Fantastic 4, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle and Just Married. I couldn't resist.
So anyway I am thinking that every week I will go to the pawn shops and get a few movies, one of them has all the friends DVD's seasons for $2 each so I might get a couple of those every week and eventually have them all and a few others too. I figure $2 isn't that much and why not get them used as long as they look good still shouldn't be a problem rather then buying new for $10 or whatever each.
While we were out I noticed 2 more thrift shops here in town! I was kinda shocked about that because this isn't that big of a town, definitely not a "city" so for us to have 4 or so thrift stores just kinda shocks me but anyway might make my way into one or both of the new ones next week too and look to see what kind of bargains I can find in there.
Jesse got a pair of jeans with pink something another lol on the back pockets for $5 from Dollar General today. They were like $10 or more. Love finding bargains. And we got a few of the Valentines clearance items like the stickers that was 50cents each. She loves stickers...takes after me :)