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I did it!!! I made it through the first week of 2012!!

Well I did it...I made it through the first week of 2012...all in all it was a very emotional week with lots of things going on but it ended pretty good so that's a great thing. So it started out rough..last Saturday night celebrating the new year, got a little crazy drinking here at home and passed out/took a little nap by 6 or so and woke up 8:30ish and then missed the ball drop!! Ticked me off! Lets see Sunday the was an all right day... Monday was ok, Tuesday was stressful for a few reasons, carried the stress over to Wednesday, Thursday little less stressful and then Friday was all right and today was a great day so all in all a pretty good first week of the new year...could of been worse..gotta keep moving forward and thinking positive.. Have a great evening/weekend

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Blog Dare - Day 7 - Something you need daily

Today's Blog Dare subject is - Something I need daily Something I need daily..hmm well as far as a drink or anything like that is MT dew...I need MT dew to get my day started off since I'm not a coffee drinker. Something else I need daily are my kids..hugs from my kids, I have to have the hugs and the kisses on the cheek and I love you's can't deal without any of those things daily... I also have been in the mood to blog I have to have my stress reliever which is blogging oh and listening to goodness I couldn't anything done if it wasn't for music!! So those are my things, MT dew to get me going, kids (hugs, kisses, I love you's) Blogging and music..

Join in on the Blog Hop/Blog Dare 2012!!

Looking forward to gardening with my daughter

This year I am looking SO forward to moving and then gardening with my daughter. We have been wanting to do the gardening thing for a couple of years now but the yard here just isn't really that great and we knew that we would be moving so instead of starting something we decided to wait until we find a more permanent house (which hopefully will be pretty soon!) and it has a small yard but it has 2 fenced areas so one could be where the boys play and the other part can be our garden :) I can't wait for our adventure to start!!

We are new to all of this but I am sure we will do fine. We just have to do a little research as to what we can plant and things like that and I know that it will be fun and it will be some good mother daughter time with my 14 (soon to be 15 year old only daughter that I have) So hard to believe in a few months she's going to be 15!!!! OMG where in the world did the time go??? At least she's one of the teens (for now) that still want to spend moth…

More great celebs that we lost in 2011

Andy Rooney: November 4 Journalist Andy Rooney will forever be remembered as the curmudgeonly commentator who offered his colorful (and elderly) take on the modern world. He died at 92 just one month after his final appearance on 60 Minutes. Falk: June 23 Peter Falk, best remembered for playing the deceptively sharp detective Lt. Columbo, died in his Los Angeles home at the age of 83 after suffering with Alzheimer's for the last four years of his life.
I remember watching him nearly every week...bless his heart..I don't think that I heard about him passing. RIP Andy And I use to watch Columbo with my grandma..I remember that show very sad to see so many great celebs passing on..
I know that there are others too..I feel for each of them and all of the family/friends, thoughts and prayers to them. These are just the ones that I recognized right off and remember sad!

Remembering the Celebs we lost in 2011 - Elizabeth Taylor

Two-time Oscar winner Elizabeth Taylor died in the early hours of Wednesday morning at 79 after battling congestive heart failure.

Taylor had been hospitalized two months ago at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she was treated for heart problems, and it was there she passed away.

Her son Michael Wilding released a statement, saying: “My mother was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humor and love.

“Though her loss is devastating to those of us who held her so close and so dear, we will always be inspired by her enduring contribution to our world. Her remarkable body of work in film, her ongoing success as a businesswoman, and her brave and relentless advocacy in the fight against HIV and AIDS, all make us all incredibly proud of what she accomplished.

“We know, quite simply, that the world is a better place for mom having lived in it. Her legacy will never fade, her spirit will always be with us, and her love will live forever in…

2011 year in review...

I got this off of yahoo...I didn't write it or anything like that... just sharing... News Stories

Top News StoriesCasey Anthony TrialJapan Earthquake and TsunamiRoyal WeddingDeath of Osama bin LadenUnemploymentArizona ShootingDeath of Amy WinehouseArab SpringLibya/Death of Moammar GadhafiOccupy Wall Street The death of a bogeyman who haunted a generation. A record-magnitude earthquake and a tsunami that swept away towns. The trial of the summer. A sudden passing. Dead-at-27 club. The next generation's go at a fairy-tale wedding. A disturbed man's action and the toxic side of politics. The toppling of long-entrenched regimes. Those were just some of the many, many breaking news stories that hit us in 2011 and commandeered our online attention. While the Top 10 Searches focus on related keywords, the Top 10 News Stories involve a wider range of searches and include an analysis on the most-read news stories on Yahoo!. And talk…

Houses that I found - 5 bedroom just what we need/want!!

So yesterday I was thinking about the house that I saw that isn't too far from us .. Were looking for a bigger/better house since this 3 bedroom isn't big enough for all of my 4 teenagers now..they need their own space and room. So were looking to move..I came across a house that the guy said could be a 3-4 bedroom, hadn't looked on the inside of it like a walk through but had looked in the windows and it looked alright..It comes with the stove/fridge and washer/dryer for $500 a month! And if we had our own appliances then it would only be $400!!! Well we don't have all the appliances but still that is only $50 more then what were paying here and this house is small!! So we were considering it...But then for some reason something told me yesterday to look online in our paper and I had been doing that but the rentals would come up 0 for the past few days so I'm thinking ok why do that?? Hmm but ok so I did it anyway and about the 2-3rd ad down there is a…

Blog Dare - Day 6 - My Special Place

Blog Dare - Day 6 - My Special Place This blog is about my special place where I go for quiet/alone or regrouping time. My place is here in my room..or if I'm lucky the bathroom to take a nice long hot bath and just sit in there and relax but that doesn't happen that often. I also just go for a nice quiet drive, maybe to Sonic for a half price drink or to Dollar Tree to see what kind of new goodies they have or something like that. I love to just sit here and listen to my music with the headphones on when I am needing some alone time or regrouping time..headphones are great to tune out all the kids bickering and griping etc. I have an expensive pair of headphones that I use mostly for work on my laptop but they are great and come in really handy listening to music and tuning out complaining teenagers too! Have a great weekend..


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Click to give..its free..just takes a minute to click and give free, there are 2 sites that I am trying to give each day...
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Did you or are you shopping the Christmas clearance?

I have decided that I actually want to shop the Christmas clearance this year. I am looking mostly online at a few places and thought well heck if they are more then 50% off I'm doing good because last year I didn't have hardly anything for decorations inside or out no thanks to hubby, most of my things got messed up/broke! And I am not about to just wait until the holidays roll around again and buy them full price when I can shop clearance and get probably half or more of the things that I wanted and need for half or hopefully more off! Love those colors...instead of the norm red and green which are beautiful but I absolutely love the blue :)

If you have any stores that you love to shop at for Christmas clearance, please share with me.

Have a great evening...feel free to leave comments :)

Click daily free to help great causes

Click to give..its free..just takes a minute to click and give free, there are 2 sites that I am trying to give each day...
and then there is also

And just so you know, I don't get anything out of it, I just want to help and wanted to spread the word..

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Mystery Shopping - have you ever been a mystery shopper?

I was checking my email...yet again and saw this email from a mystery shopper place that is looking for more mystery shoppers. Well I was looking for something to do until my training starts now on the 25th I believe it is unless something else comes up (lets hope not!) So I was reading it and though ok why not?! So I am thinking into getting back into mystery shopping. I have done it before and no it doesn't pay a ton and no you definitely can't get rich overnight from it but, I love giving my opinion on things and would love to go into places or through the drive thru or wherever and do the evaluations again. SO I am thinking about doing that part time to do something while waiting for training. If your interested let me know by leaving a comment or be looking for a blog with info about companies looking for mystery shoppers. I might as well put my opinion out there on things. I have a few experiences at places where I walked in, ordered and walked out and said OMG if I would …

Shopping online vs going out to the stores

So I was sitting here going through all of my emails and I have been getting a ton (well more then the norm amount) of emails with special things like free shipping on things like spend $25 and get free shipping etc...So I'm sitting here thinking that is probably the best way to do right now is to just order everything I can online and get the free shipping because that is a great deal, I know that when I go in the store I pick up more things sometimes then what I need and therefore spend a few dollars more then I wanted sitting here and putting things in my cart and then checking out..I like that because if I don't like the price, I just take things out of the cart and that's it done don't spend more then I want..might be silly or whatever but I think that I am going to just order online everything from now on gas and not to mention time standing in store lines. What do you prefer? The convenience of shopping online or getting out and going to the sto…

Blog Dare - Day 5 - Something Lost...

Blog Dare - Day 5 - Something Lost The first thing that I thought of when I read this was friendships. Its sad really when you see that some of the people in your life that you just thought and knew was going to be there forever with you by your side weren't really there for you at all. Friends come and go...thankfully I have been blessed to of not of lost that many through the years. I still talk to my best friends from back in high school. We keep in touch on a regular basis and we don't live too far from each other either so we keep in touch and hang out when we can. Through out the years though there was a few friends that you wonder why on earth you didn't see right through them and there deceiving ways! They weren't friends with me because they liked me, they were friends because they wanted/needed something and I was there and most of the time helped them out in whatever way they needed. What is really sad is that one of the ones that I am referring to…

Blog Dare - Day 4 - What I shouldn't of bought this holiday season

Blog dare day 4 - What I shouldn't of bought this holiday season

Well that's easy...nothing! I bought very little and with each thing that I bought it was something that they wanted and will continue to want and use. I wasn't too much into the holiday season to where I just went and bought whatever..I bought very very little..trying to concentrate on the new year and the new beginning and adventure for the kids and myself. Have a great rest of the day.

Blog Dare-Day 3 - Bucket List

Ok so today for the blog dare is my bucket list. Wow...ok well I hadn't really given too much thought to this subject. One of the things is to travel, just go all over the place for a few months or heck even a year if I could get away with it...just travel and see England, Paris, France. I really want to Buckingham  Palace and the Eiffel Tower and I would love to go to Greece, that would be awesome and Jurusalem that would be even more awesome. There are so many places that I want to visit. I would love to take my children to all of these places to see what its like to be in other countries. But if I couldn't take them to all of those countries, I would love to take them to the East coast and then take them to the West coast and show them all over the US and that there is more out there then just what they've seen and been too which is Texas and Oklahoma and that's it! I would love to have a house that is my own and to hand down to the children. I want to con…

Teens and chores!

I really don't know why teens seem to act like they don't have to do anything but deserve to get everything. I told my thirteen year old son (my youngest) to do something and he was like do I get to have ice cream and I said no its almost bed time and his words, then I'm not doing the chore! Excuse me??!! IfI would of talked like that to my mom years ago (I'm 38) she would of back handed me to the floor for talking back like that! Why do they seem to think that its ok to act this way and be mouthy like that? So he is now grounded for his smart mouth but it just doesn't seem like enough sometimes, because they still do it even after they are grounded from things that they like, like skateboards, TV, video game systems, phones etc they can still be mouthy I just don't get it.
And what makes it worse is that they don't have but a couple of chores to do, just the basic things and yet they still give me lip and attitude.. Maybe they have too much? I did…

Blog Dare-Day 2- A look back at 2011

A look back at 2011 January-Don't remember too much about Jan. Feb. - Didn't get my tax refund like we wanted/needed so that just made the year stressful to start off with since we couldn't move! March-turned 38 and a few days later on the 31st my first son turned 18 April - My only daughter turned 14 and my step daughter had her first child/son at home by herself. May-don't remember much June-not much July-funny how all I remember is the hot hot temps! Aug.-kids school was put off until Sept Sept-kids finally started school my middle son started high school Oct.- My youngest son turned a teenager Nov.- My middle son turned 16 Dec- Not much in the mood for the holidays, but I had a pretty good Christmas Eve regardless of my mood. I remember that we lost quite a few celebs throughout the year and I remember that Oklahoma had an earthquake and we felt it shake our house! So I remember that just don't remember when... I am looking forward to living better in 2012

New Year's Resolutions - Do you have any?

I don't make resolutions that often but this year, I am determined to move on with my life and make it better for both my children and myself. So my resolution is to start fresh and to live like I want to live and be treated the way that I believe that I deserve to be. There is going to be a ton of changes in this house and I am ready for them..each of them. I am ready for the challenges and the adventures that I am sure we will come across.

Jan 1st - Blog Dare - My Social Media Goals

Hmm, well I hope to get more involved with all of the Media Social  groups that I am in right now and maybe join a few more. I want this year to be a very productive year and one to remember always. One of new great memories and new adventures. Have a great year everyone. Lisa

Happy New Year

So its the new year...I am excited that its' a new year. I hope that this one is better then last year. I believe that it will be as there will be a lot of changes going on in my life and my children's lives this year. Wishing each of you the very best year