More great celebs that we lost in 2011

Andy Rooney: November 4
Journalist Andy Rooney will forever be remembered as the curmudgeonly commentator who offered his colorful (and elderly) take on the modern world. He died at 92 just one month after his final appearance on 60 Minutes.
Falk: June 23
Peter Falk, best remembered for playing the deceptively sharp detective Lt. Columbo, died in his Los Angeles home at the age of 83 after suffering with Alzheimer's for the last four years of his life.

I remember watching him nearly every week...bless his heart..I don't think that I heard about him passing. RIP Andy And I use to watch Columbo with my grandma..I remember that show very sad to see so many great celebs passing on..

I know that there are others too..I feel for each of them and all of the family/friends, thoughts and prayers to them. These are just the ones that I recognized right off and remember sad!


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