Shopping online vs going out to the stores

So I was sitting here going through all of my emails and I have been getting a ton (well more then the norm amount) of emails with special things like free shipping on things like spend $25 and get free shipping etc...So I'm sitting here thinking that is probably the best way to do right now is to just order everything I can online and get the free shipping because that is a great deal, I know that when I go in the store I pick up more things sometimes then what I need and therefore spend a few dollars more then I wanted sitting here and putting things in my cart and then checking out..I like that because if I don't like the price, I just take things out of the cart and that's it done don't spend more then I want..might be silly or whatever but I think that I am going to just order online everything from now on gas and not to mention time standing in store lines.
What do you prefer? The convenience of shopping online or getting out and going to the stores? Share with me


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