Teens and chores!

I really don't know why teens seem to act like they don't have to do anything but deserve to get everything. I told my thirteen year old son (my youngest) to do something and he was like do I get to have ice cream and I said no its almost bed time and his words, then I'm not doing the chore! Excuse me??!! IfI would of talked like that to my mom years ago (I'm 38) she would of back handed me to the floor for talking back like that! Why do they seem to think that its ok to act this way and be mouthy like that? So he is now grounded for his smart mouth but it just doesn't seem like enough sometimes, because they still do it even after they are grounded from things that they like, like skateboards, TV, video game systems, phones etc they can still be mouthy I just don't get it.

And what makes it worse is that they don't have but a couple of chores to do, just the basic things and yet they still give me lip and attitude..
Maybe they have too much? I didn't have a cell when I was their age, no laptops, no computer and no cable!
When we get moved and I am a single mom, I am rethinking them having any entertainment in their rooms at all. I am thinking that they will have to earn it and if they mouth off then they won't be getting things..tired of the way that they want want want and don't want to help out.
How do you other moms out there deal with mouths and teens??
Am I missing something?!


  1. OMG!!! If someone has the answer I would appreciate the knowledge too. I have a 6 year old that is horrible already. I would have never been allowed to live if I would've mouthed off to my parents the same way.

    Following back from Mommy Bloggers! Have a wonderful New YEar. Hope things turn around. :)

  2. Hey there, exactly I wouldn't of lived either if I would of mouthed off like that!

    Thank you for following me :) Hope you have a great rest of the day/week, thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!



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