Blog Dare-Day 3 - Bucket List

Ok so today for the blog dare is my bucket list. Wow...ok well I hadn't really given too much thought to this subject.
One of the things is to travel, just go all over the place for a few months or heck even a year if I could get away with it...just travel and see England, Paris, France. I really want to Buckingham  Palace and the Eiffel Tower and I would love to go to Greece, that would be awesome and Jurusalem that would be even more awesome. There are so many places that I want to visit. I would love to take my children to all of these places to see what its like to be in other countries. But if I couldn't take them to all of those countries, I would love to take them to the East coast and then take them to the West coast and show them all over the US and that there is more out there then just what they've seen and been too which is Texas and Oklahoma and that's it!
I would love to have a house that is my own and to hand down to the children.
I want to continue to grow my business and maybe have one of my children take it over. I am thinking about going to college this year in the Real Estate field and I would love to continue my business and let my children take it over one of these days. I do customer service and real estate and I think that my daughter would probably handle it more then my boys but if she didn't then my youngest son Sean, he likes the office things like my daughter and I do so maybe he could take it over one day.
I am very blessed that as a teenager me and my only female cousin went traveling all over the US for 2-3 weeks and up to Canada with them and saw a ton of things like Mt. Rushmore..I would love to take my children there to see it. All of the things that I got on the trip got thrown out of my apartment when I was younger so I don't have any of my pictures and things that I had taken on the trip which is disappointing but the time that was spent with my grandparents and my cousin I enjoyed very much and will always cherish that time with them.


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