Blog Dare-Day 2- A look back at 2011

A look back at 2011
January-Don't remember too much about Jan.
Feb. - Didn't get my tax refund like we wanted/needed so that just made the year stressful to start off with since we couldn't move!
March-turned 38 and a few days later on the 31st my first son turned 18
April - My only daughter turned 14 and my step daughter had her first child/son at home by herself.
May-don't remember much
June-not much
July-funny how all I remember is the hot hot temps!
Aug.-kids school was put off until Sept
Sept-kids finally started school my middle son started high school
Oct.- My youngest son turned a teenager
Nov.- My middle son turned 16
Dec- Not much in the mood for the holidays, but I had a pretty good Christmas Eve regardless of my mood.
I remember that we lost quite a few celebs throughout the year and I remember that Oklahoma had an earthquake and we felt it shake our house! So I remember that just don't remember when...
I am looking forward to living better in 2012


  1. Wow!
    What a year! Hope 2012 is not quite as...stressful!

    Visiting from Say it Rah-shay


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