Blog Dare - Day 5 - Something Lost...

Blog Dare - Day 5 - Something Lost
a mom blog communityThe first thing that I thought of when I read this was friendships. Its sad really when you see that some of the people in your life that you just thought and knew was going to be there forever with you by your side weren't really there for you at all.
Friends come and go...thankfully I have been blessed to of not of lost that many through the years. I still talk to my best friends from back in high school. We keep in touch on a regular basis and we don't live too far from each other either so we keep in touch and hang out when we can.
Through out the years though there was a few friends that you wonder why on earth you didn't see right through them and there deceiving ways! They weren't friends with me because they liked me, they were friends because they wanted/needed something and I was there and most of the time helped them out in whatever way they needed.
What is really sad is that one of the ones that I am referring too is my step-daughter. She had her son about a year ago and she was calling and talking to me and we were friends...then it slowed down and then started back up again but as time went by I began to see that she wasn't there for me or because of her dad whom she was never close too...she was just there because I was someone that would actually sit there on the phone and listen to her for hours on end! So the last time when she came back home 4 hours or 5 hours from us and we couldn't get there to see her and her son because of my van showing out and me choosing to not go because I didn't want to be stuck on the side of the road somewhere far from home she got mad...She made comments on my Facebook and I was nice about it and told her its my fault I had the time and the money but when my vehicle starts showing out I would rather not take the chance to drive it 5 hours away..that didn't go over well with she called a couple times after that and I listened to her and then one night she took both me and her dad off of her friends list and put her step dad as her dad...ok so be it until he finds out what your really after and that is using him for whatever she can get out of him! Not to mention that I have 4 children of my own and have always treated her like my own daughter yet because I made the decision not to take the chance of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere she's going to act like a little snotty brat! Ok so be that way then..So once she took us off the Facebook friends and put on her wall oh how she loves her family and her mom (who treated her like crap through out her life and I was the one that was there when she got her GED I was the one that took her places when she needed to go and I was the one that she could call and I would listen too her whine bitch gripe grumble and moan and groan too for hours on end!!) where was her mom..hmm out at the bar!!! I was the one that let her move in and fed her and I was the one that let her have a room in my hous...ungrateful brat is what she is and that is a friendship lost but that is her own fault...she will see soon enough again of who is really there for her and who isn't...She's burned way too many bridges in her life and she's only 25 or so! So that is a friendship lost that I feel bad for but its her fault treating me like she is and I won't be done like that again..used and abused! I have been used enough in my life and won't go through that again...that is something thatI just will not tolerate anymore!
So that is my something step daughter..


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