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Any other mom gamers out there?

So I like computer games for at the end of the day when I'm just ready to relax and like right now, not really many shows on that I want to watch so I play computer games to relax. I bought this one, hmm right before Christmas I believe (on sale) on Steam.
It's a really cool walk around (sorta like Sims) but, you don't do "everyday chores" etc. instead you run businesses and you can choose one of 4 professions to start in: Patron (farms, Inn, bakery etc), Crafts person (mine, tailor, bricklayer, carpenter) Scholar (Church, hospital and such) or a Rogue (Mercenary castle, Pub (yes thieves and so forth) and I just recently found out and was VERY excited lol to find this out that when you marry (you are trying to keep your Dynasty going.)So when you marry, say your a scholar and you marry a Rogue, you can build both types of businesses.  I didn't know that until just a couple weeks after I had been playing and got addicted to it! LOL!

You can also get i…

UBC - Day 9 - Adventures

I feel as I get older that time just seems to fly by. I'm going to be 43 mid March and for me, I can't believe that I'm already 40 anyway! For my 40th birthday one of my besties and I went to Graceland. We had an awesome week long adventure in Tennessee in Nashville and Memphis. It was awesome and I had the time of my life with not a care in the world!

So for my upcoming birthday instead of going off somewhere this year, I'm considering another adventure in a different way...I'm considering trading in my car that is nearly paid off for a more, hmm, what's the word...sporty car! I'm looking at a Camaro! Not a brand new one! Nope can't get a brand new (way too expensive for me!) But I'm looking at a 2013 one and I absolutely LOVE it! I was just browsing the other day and found a silver one with tinted windows and very low on miles! So I'm thinking, heck why not?? I mean my kids are growing up and besides lol my boys told me " you do know that …

Two Rivers Coffee Giveaway!

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UBC - Day 6 - Relaxing

For today on my Ultra Blog Challenge I'm going to talk about relaxing.
What do you do for relaxation? For me its pretty simple! I'm not talented enough to play it but, I'm one of those people who is addicted to Spotify and making a playlist for EVERY thing under the sun!
I do my moods, I do playlists for the month and anything else I can think of!
I guess that's just one thing that I have grown just a tad bit attached too through out my life....gotta have my music! I love the older country songs like Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Barbara Mandrell, Dolly, and I like others like Travis Tritt (he's flipping awesome in concert!!) and Randy Travis is awesome in concert too! And I had taken one of my besties for his birthday a couple years back to see Alan Jackson and let me tell ya he knows how to put on a show! OMG! And the best for last...Reba!! She rocks it!!!
Now don't get me wrong because I'm not just a "country" girl...nah I love my 7…

Make The Most Of 2016 Giveaway #MTM2016

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Sweetener Giveaway

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UBC - Day 5 - Pets

Ever since I can remember I've had the companion as a pet to love. I've always loved both cats and dogs. As I've grown up and started my own family we continued the tradition of having pets as a part of our family and I've always made sure that the kids understood that they are family. And each of my kids have that in-steeled in them that pets are family. 
We've had a lot of pets in our lives and we've lost quite a few but, they will never be forgotten. They will forever be loved! Funny how it is that I can't remember sometimes a certain event that happens but, I can remember a pets name and what they looked like etc.

Pets are angels on earth, that's what I believe. That's what I've always have thought, they are hear to be beside us when things get tough and we don't have a human to count on, I could count on my fur babies!
My baby Oreo has been a blessing in my life. I got Oreo a couple years ago after my other baby Bunnie whom I had for q…

UBC - day 4 - Stronger

So today I just want to say that I believe the quote above. We each make our lives what we choose, we either choose to be happy and stronger and move on or we can let every little thing under the sun get to us and be miserable! 
We only have one life to live so why would you choose to make it a miserable one? I know that some probably disagree with that and think that bad things happen to them or unfortunate things happen to them and how are you supposed to get through it not being miserable? Think and be positive! Keep looking forward on what your goal is don't let the bad things or the unfortunate things in your life dictate what the rest of your life is going to be.
I wish all of my readers the best year with lots of great adventures ahead!

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UBC - Day 3 - Fighter

This song about says it all!! Basically if everything wouldn't of happened the way that it did I wouldn't know my own strength. Love this song and wanted to share it. So go ahead and listen to it and see what you think if you like.

I appreciate everything in the past few years that has happened in my life. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it was stressful but in the end it made me become a "Fighter" that I didn't realize that I had in me!!

I don't want stress like anyone else but, the reality of this life is that everyone no matter who you are has stress, its just that yours might be difference then the stress that I go through. Regardless its just a part of life. Most of my life (39 years of my life to be precise) I listened to others and tried to do what others suggested and "told me was right etc" but I FINALLY woke up these past few years (right before my 40th birthday - soon to be 43 in March) and decided the heck with whatever everyone else says and think…