UBC - Day 9 - Adventures

I feel as I get older that time just seems to fly by. I'm going to be 43 mid March and for me, I can't believe that I'm already 40 anyway! For my 40th birthday one of my besties and I went to Graceland. We had an awesome week long adventure in Tennessee in Nashville and Memphis. It was awesome and I had the time of my life with not a care in the world!


So for my upcoming birthday instead of going off somewhere this year, I'm considering another adventure in a different way...I'm considering trading in my car that is nearly paid off for a more, hmm, what's the word...sporty car! I'm looking at a Camaro! Not a brand new one! Nope can't get a brand new (way too expensive for me!) But I'm looking at a 2013 one and I absolutely LOVE it! I was just browsing the other day and found a silver one with tinted windows and very low on miles! So I'm thinking, heck why not?? I mean my kids are growing up and besides lol my boys told me " you do know that we will be wanting to drive it if you get one right?!" One of them offered to go ANYWHERE I wanted them too and just make them a list and they would go! LOL So I'm definitely considering that. Of course its not "set in stone" yet but,its something that I am considering if I don't do it this year then I WILL be doing it next year when my car is paid off and just completely trade it in against the Camaro! So we will see how that works out.

I am already hoping and planning to take more road trips this year. Not long ones or even far ones for that matter but just little weekend ones or holiday ones or whatever. I mean why not right? I love to go places and see new things and walk around and take TONS of pics! And just like the quote above says...wander without purpose or reason...so I'm taking that as don't sit there and debate about doing it, just go for it! That's what I do sometimes is debate about it...should I or shouldn't I... I'm needing to relize that my kiddos aren't little anymore, oldest is going to be 23 at the end of March and my youngest just turned 17 last Oct. So they don't need me 24/7's and when you get older and live life for you why not get out and go and enjoy it if that is what you want to do and that's something I've always wanted to do is go more and enjoy life and this country and all the beautiful places that I haven't been too and just go and see the country and one day (hopefully before too much longer, be able to go and explore other places and countries like I really want too...)

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