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A day away from Reality! playing sims3!!

Sims3 is a great game, if you love Sims and don't have it, I would definately recommend it for sure!! You get to do way more then the others, you can run around the neighborhood, walk to the gym, go pester your neighbors, go next door for a party whatever you want and its an awesome game to get the heck away from reality for a little while to rest your mind from the everyday things that we all go through.

Be Part of the Million Tree Nursery

Plant a tree wherever you are...I was thinking about me and my daughter making a garden this year and planting a tree isn't a bad idea either. So we will do what we can too. To read more about being a part of the million tree nursery, click on the title of this blog :)

Sims 3

I absolutely LOVE Sims!!! I have been a huge fan since the first Sims came out years and years ago!! It seems like forever ago, but ever since then I have gotten the games and most of the expansions when Sims2 came out and then when Sims3 came out, I was one of the ones that was a nut lol and got it on the day that it came out and it took all day to download since I did it online!! LOL..Yep I remember that day .... all day to download!! Anyway, I love my Sims 3. Since today is my birthday and I plan on doing nothing much but relaxing all day I have decided to get away from reality as well and download some cool things for my Sims and then play it for awhile. I think that I will start from the beginning and make a new family and build a new house and everything. I want one that I can grow into, instead of starting out small, start out medium to large! I love downloading items to use in the game. So many people are talented enough to make the items, not me, I don't think that I ca

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Hi everyone, I hope that you all have a great day. Mine has been a mixture of good and not so good so we will see how it ends up... Make sure you wear green so ya don't get pinched :)

Loving my Twilight siggy I just got


Does anyone buy groceries online? Are they cheaper??

So I was just wondering, does anyone buy groceries online? I know that there are a few sites on the net that has some pretty descent prices and I was thinking about starting to do that here pretty soon. I am tired of going to the store just to find that the item(s) I need/want are out or off sale or whatever. I would like it so much better to have things delivered here to the house instead of getting out wasting time and gas to find out the stores are out. So if you buy some of your groceries online, share with me please what sites you use and I will look into them.

Customer Service Reps needed legit work at home company taking incoming calls

I am working for this company and they wanted me to let you all know that they are still hiring and yes they are very legit. I am working for them, waiting for the training to start. But they are truly legit and very nice people to work with/for. They are a smaller company but that just makes it more personal and you don't have to go through a million people to get answers etc.  Are you looking for a real job at home? Customer1st is hiring! mention Lisa Smith as a referral I know that they have a couple of clients right now that they are still hiring for and they get more in so give them a try if your serious about being a customer service rep from home. I paid for my background check which was like $13 and there was no other fees involved and that is after I was interviewed twice and told about the check since we will be taking incoming calls from customers and taking orders over the phone with sensitive information a background check is need

The Bachelor Finale (don't read if you haven't watched it)

So I don't know...I have mixed emotions now. I know that I have said from the get go Emily and then it turns out the way that I wanted it too BUT then I watched the thing after the rose and OMG they are already having issues?? Wow, and she said that she loves him but no wouldn't marry him right now?? Then WHY did you get engaged and say yes?? I mean really like Chantel said you say yes to a proposal doesn't that mean that you would marry him then and there?? I don't know..I feel really bad for him because I just wow that must hurt him like he was saying she was telling him that I just can't do this I'm leaving!! Good grief that just doesn't sound like someone that wants to try very hard to me and yea I don't know everything I just think that maybe she shouldn't of said yes if there was doubts in her head and why on earth is she second guessing herself and such and she's trying to sabotage her relationship or what? Geez! I just feel mixed emot

One heck of a Monday!!

I am glad to see Monday coming to a close…its been one of those mixed emotions days, something good and then crappy and then good happens..but ends up crappy! I started the recruiting job today, I like it. It has the office work just like I love to do and yes I am one of the crazy people that going into an Office Depot or a Staples is freaking like going into a candy store or a toy store!! I love office supplies!! So it started good, I talked to the guy on the phone and he explained things, I loved it and then I tried printing out a few things and omg my all in one printer/fax kept beeping and popped up an error and wouldn’t print anything!! I turned it off and back on several times and still nothing so I unplugged it for a little while and thankfully after a couple of hours or so its working fine (knock on wood!!) Still has me being a nervous wreck because with this job I have a Ton of printing/faxing to do so I am thinking about maybe buying a cheaper printer as a back up incase th