The Bachelor Finale (don't read if you haven't watched it)

So I don't know...I have mixed emotions now. I know that I have said from the get go Emily and then it turns out the way that I wanted it too BUT then I watched the thing after the rose and OMG they are already having issues?? Wow, and she said that she loves him but no wouldn't marry him right now?? Then WHY did you get engaged and say yes?? I mean really like Chantel said you say yes to a proposal doesn't that mean that you would marry him then and there?? I don't know..I feel really bad for him because I just wow that must hurt him like he was saying she was telling him that I just can't do this I'm leaving!! Good grief that just doesn't sound like someone that wants to try very hard to me and yea I don't know everything I just think that maybe she shouldn't of said yes if there was doubts in her head and why on earth is she second guessing herself and such and she's trying to sabotage her relationship or what? Geez! I just feel mixed emotions about I'm thinking back and wondering if he chose the wrong one??!!!