Sims 3

I absolutely LOVE Sims!!! I have been a huge fan since the first Sims came out years and years ago!! It seems like forever ago, but ever since then I have gotten the games and most of the expansions when Sims2 came out and then when Sims3 came out, I was one of the ones that was a nut lol and got it on the day that it came out and it took all day to download since I did it online!! LOL..Yep I remember that day .... all day to download!! Anyway, I love my Sims 3.

Since today is my birthday and I plan on doing nothing much but relaxing all day I have decided to get away from reality as well and download some cool things for my Sims and then play it for awhile. I think that I will start from the beginning and make a new family and build a new house and everything. I want one that I can grow into, instead of starting out small, start out medium to large! I love downloading items to use in the game. So many people are talented enough to make the items, not me, I don't think that I can do it. Might try to mess around with it soon, but not today.

Just goofing off and relaxing today....all day and then its off to enjoy my turtles and Strawberry Daiquiris tonight!