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The Big Debate tonight - my thoughts/comments

Friday, September 26, 2008 The Big Debate tonight - my thoughts/comments Category: Life Ok so here are my notes,thoughts and comments on the debate earlier tonight. O of course is Obama and M is McCain The first question Where do you stand on the financial $700 Billion Bailout? O: Made points that needs to be done M: Transparencies, options, this is the end of the beginning create jobs dependants O: Optimistic 2 years ago he warned going to have prob wrote to treasure last year O: Need responsibility not only in crisis M: our Best days are ahead of us M: Veto every bill that comes acreoss his desk citizens against gov wastes Are the fundamental differences between the candidates economic plans O: Earmarks process out of control he suspended them in IL $18 in Earmarks his tax 95% tax cut to working families M: Won't look at Obama NOT ONCE DID HE LOOK AT OBAMA M: Cut business taxes $5,000 to get healthcare As President as result of whatever financial rescue plan As Preside

Good Morning

Good morning everyone Category: Life Good morning. Its nice and cool outside. So some of the windows are open to let the nice fresh air in the house. I woke up to Leon's mouth running....great way to wake up in the morning and him griping at Sean b/c he woke up early. It was after 7 already, he didn't wake up that early and no biggie yet dumb butt has to talk like an idiot to him. What a man! I swear sometimes I wander why in the world hes still here? When I come in here to work and tell him shh Im working I swear those are the times when he comes in here most to interrupt me with a long drawn out speech about whatever. One time its about McCain next its about Obama. Its frustrating and hes worse then any of the kids. Hes a grown man and I told him Im in here writing and working on my articles yet he comes in here and starts rambling on and preaching and running his mouth for however long and its hard to shut him up!! He is driving me up a wall. Hes gone now, going to

Should we postpone the debates?

Should we postpone the debates? Category: Life I think that is a no nonsense question. Of course they shouldn't cancel the debate. It should go on. We still want to hear what they have to say and if they can answer the questions that are going to be asked to them and also the fact that the economy is having problems now, well before and after the debate we will still be in the same boat so what difference does it make to postpone it. That is just CHICKEN! He is just being down right stupid and pulling a stunt! RIDICULOUS! Here is a link to the CaffertyFile blog on CNN and there are all sorts of comments on there and most are saying don't cancel it and some are saying that if McCain can't handle the crisis that America is goign through and handle the campaign trail then whose to say that he can handle running this country?? We need someone in there that can multitask, not take oen thing at a time and put off things just b/c he can't handle it. This is crazy! Cafferty

Making Ice Cream with breast milk!!!???

Making Ice Cream with breast milk!!!!!!!!!???????? Category: Life Good evening everyone. Well I don't know about you all, but here today it was pretty chaotic on the news! We have the $700B dollar thing that the president wants to pass and congress and the senators/reps who ever aren't agreeing and understanding why we need that much money and how why where and when were goign to need to come up with the ways of what its going to consist of and whose going to get what and how much and how its going to be used etc Then to top things off....McCain takes it upon his self to pull off and out of the campaign trail and also put off the debate that took them awhile to agree on a date! That pissed me off b/c they don't need him in DC to stick his nose in on all of what is going on and if they do they can call him and say come on...which by the way later on they did that and the president said tonight in his speech that he invited McCain and Obama to come talk with them tomo

Good busy and long day

Good busy and long day Category: Life Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a great day. Mine was pretty good all in all. I can't believe that it was such a long drawn out day. I was supposed to work for a telemarketing company this morning as my first day BUT I found things that disturbed me in the way that the business especially the lady that trained and hired me and a new friend of mine acted towards me and her. So I decided that I didn't want to work for someone or some company that did my friend and me the way they did. They fired my friend for no apparent reason. Me and her are thinking its b/c she was asking the trainer about her daughter (who happens to be a scam artist) so my friend thought that she was her mom and asked and the next thing that she knows she gets an email saying we won't be needing your services for the rest of the month, which she hadn't even started yet either. We were supposed to of yesterday but leads got messed up and so t

MIA for a few days

Category: Life So I just wanted to blog since I haven't in a few days. Not sure exactly what is going on with me. I guess a bit of depression has something to do with it. Anyway I am trying to get back into the routine of blogging, honestly I think that it helps me deal with whatever is going on in the world and in my life. If that makes since? And when I don't blog, I just get in these moods of not wanting to get on the pc, not wanting to talk to anyone on the phone or anything. I don't get out of the house usually but 2-3 times a month and usually thats around the first of the month and that's it. I send hubby or my oldest son to the little store a block away so that I don't have to get out and go. I think that I need to go to the dr and see what the cause of my mood changes and such are. I think that I already know though. I can't do much about it. Can't afford to up and run to the dr to see what the problem is. Unless its the kids, I don't wa