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Good morning everyone
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Good morning. Its nice and cool outside. So some of the windows are open to let the nice fresh air in the house. I woke up to Leon's mouth running....great way to wake up in the morning and him griping at Sean b/c he woke up early. It was after 7 already, he didn't wake up that early and no biggie yet dumb butt has to talk like an idiot to him. What a man! I swear sometimes I wander why in the world hes still here?
When I come in here to work and tell him shh Im working I swear those are the times when he comes in here most to interrupt me with a long drawn out speech about whatever. One time its about McCain next its about Obama. Its frustrating and hes worse then any of the kids. Hes a grown man and I told him Im in here writing and working on my articles yet he comes in here and starts rambling on and preaching and running his mouth for however long and its hard to shut him up!!
He is driving me up a wall. Hes gone now, going to do his plasma THANK GOODNESS! I need a little time by myself. Jared and Chris on gone on there buses and Jesse and Sean is still here. They will be leaving for there bus in 40 minutes or so and then I will have about an hour or a little over an hour depending if dumb butt rides the bus home or not. I NEED the time alone. I don't want to hear him. I have a headache and no dp or mt dew and so I just want peace and quiet. I don't mind the kids talking, they don't ramble and preach like he does!
So this morning I am getting started on even more articles that are due today later on and contacting the other 2 to see if they have anything for me to do. I sent an invoice to the one guy so he needs to pay. Not that much but every dollar counts these days. My cordless phone quit on me, thank goodness I have a back up phone that I don't like but will deal with but it doesn't have the caller id thing on it so I hesitate when answering the phone b/c the damn telemarketers call every 2 seconds it seems like! I need to get a voicemail to b/c there isn't one now.
Anyway I hope that you all have a great day.

7:35 AM


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