Should we postpone the debates?

Should we postpone the debates?
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I think that is a no nonsense question. Of course they shouldn't cancel the debate. It should go on. We still want to hear what they have to say and if they can answer the questions that are going to be asked to them and also the fact that the economy is having problems now, well before and after the debate we will still be in the same boat so what difference does it make to postpone it. That is just CHICKEN! He is just being down right stupid and pulling a stunt! RIDICULOUS!
Here is a link to the CaffertyFile blog on CNN and there are all sorts of comments on there and most are saying don't cancel it and some are saying that if McCain can't handle the crisis that America is goign through and handle the campaign trail then whose to say that he can handle running this country?? We need someone in there that can multitask, not take oen thing at a time and put off things just b/c he can't handle it. This is crazy! CaffertyFile Blog


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