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#Release ------ His Master by Bink Cummings

Title: His Master Author: Bink Cummings Genre: M/M Romance Release Date:  June 1, 2017 Six years ago, I was accepted into an exclusive BDSM commune that caters to the gay elite, and molded into the submissive of every dom's dream. Under the ever watchful eye of Master Croy, my savior, I spend my days fulfilling my masters' every fantasy. It has become my solace. The only place I’ve felt at home. They respect me for who I am. Made me into the man I’ve become…It is my hope that I never have to leave…  Until now…  Because of him.  The master who makes me feel.  The gray haired God who sees me as more than a slick hole and pretty face.  I’ve never felt this way before.  Things are changing.  I’m changing…But I don’t know what it means.  My home is here. I can’t leave.  But what about him? Master Kellan. I think he wants me.  And, Can I tell you a secret?  I think I want him, too. Warning: Contains shameless, make your toes cu

Rock My Body by Lee Piper (Contemporary Romance) Release

Title: Rock My Body ( A Mondez Novel, 2) Author: Lee Piper Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date:  June 3, 2017 Publisher:  Evernight Publishing Twenty-two year old Riley Sears promises herself never to fall in love unless it is with a guy who is long-term boyfriend material. She is not crazy, her psychologist reassures her of that, but when faced with situations she cannot control… Well. Her anxiety skyrockets.  Enter Dominic Mondez, the hottest creature ever to grace pecs and abs. The notorious playboy propositions Riley with the best sex of her life—his words. However, after learning he never sleeps with the same woman twice, Riley’s decision becomes remarkably simple. No. Way. In. Hell. Sadly, traversing the murky waters of friends without benefits is far from simple, especially since Dominic is the lead guitarist of local rock band, Mondez. He is also tempestuous, a womanizer, and—even worse—inexplicably jealous. Domini