Trump Swore He Wouldn't Cut Social Security And Medicare...

And for anyone that actually "believed" anything that he said...good luck to you! I didn't like him from the emoment that he was campaigning and I damn sure don't like him now!!!

What kind of person would go and SHOVE another person (Prime Minister) OUT of the damn way to get up in front!! It's flipping called MANNERS!!!! Something that, that man does NOT have!!!!

He just continues to make me more and more furious with him everytime he opens his flipping mouth!!!! There is just too MUCH that is he is doing WRONG & not admitting too! Instead he just keeps running his mouth when he shouldn't about things that he shouldn't!!!!!!!

This is very unnacceptable and I am NOT the only one that feels this way! VERY disappointed with him so far and I gave him a fighting chance in the mind with him but NOPE he just continued his lying ass running!!! STUPIDITY! The man belongs in a damn hospital or PRISON not the flipping White House!!!!

Just my 2 cents! Agree to Disagree as I don't want to start anything, I'm just stating what I believe and my thoughts.

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