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Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 11 - a day in the life of...

Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 11 - A day in the life of.... Well here lately its been getting up at 2-4am and getting the kids up at 5:30 for school (they just started Thursday)then starting work at 8-9. Before work I would start laundry and do a few other little chores. Then I would be working all day and stop at 4 when all 3 of the kids were home by. By 6 would start supper and before supper was started would talk to the kids about there day and get all paperwork etc signed and done. Then by 7 at the latest we would eat supper and watch something on TV together and if nothing was on put in a DVD. By 8 they would start getting in the bath 30 mins each and by 10 at the latest be in bed. That is our typical day in the life of... School starting back so early sucks! I don't like it. They need to start with the rest of the darn country at the end of Aug/first week of Sept after Labor day but nope they have to start extra early here for whatever rea

Computer is going to SLOW for everything I'm trying to do!! UGH!

I guess I must be going a million miles an hour because today my computer is tired apparently because I swear its not keeping up with me and everything that I am doing. Work, listening to music, Facebook open for updates of course and now that I am hooked on yet again another game on there..thank you Lisa! LOL I have to keep it open and going or well at least just the main fb page then I will open the game when I'm taking breaks and then I have a couple of other work tabs open so say 6 tabs open and going and email and spotify but usually the PC keeps ups with me but nope not today!! Its telling me literally to SLOW down because every time I get to doing a few things at once it stops and says nope slow down!! GRR! I can't wait until I can buy me a brand new better laptop. This one is good, its great actually its just I want better and faster! LOL...Its not even that old really and yet I am wanting to upgrade it already! Its a laptop....not sure if I will ever go back to

Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 10 - Share a pet

Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 10 - Share a pet that you have or had in the past I have and have had several pets... The one that I have now is Bunnie..She's my spoiled white calico, she's an inside only cat. She is spoiled rotten!! I take her outside for walks when its not that hot out. I have had her since July of 2007 when she was a baby and she got her name Bunnie by her hopping around when we brought her home! Freckles is our black and white baby. We've had her since Aug/Sept of 2006. Leon was working at a wal-mart in the back unloading trucks and saw her and she would always go up there and meow for food and water and they would feed/water her and one day she followed him home and has been with us ever since!! She's mostly my oldest son's baby...she's a beautiful baby girl! Pumpkin is our orange cat. We've had her since Oct of 2007. Leon found her across the street in a neighbors yard and was sitting p

Looking for VA's with RE exp doing BPO's

Looking to expand business by hiring EXPERIENCED Real Estate Virtual Assistants for various open positions that include Broker Price Opinion (BPO) data entry, Quality Control, REO, AP, Short Sale, Foreclosure, Task Coordination, Marketing, Social Media, etc. Please provide previous work experience in detail along with hours available & expected rate of pay. Looking to hire immediately. Thank you.   Email me
Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 9 - Name a movie that I like and what about it appeals to me. The first one is My Best Friend's Wedding...I have always loved that one...I love it because of Julia Roberts first and foremost but the other thing that appeals to me is the chemistry between her and Dermot Mulroney. I absolutely love the chemistry that they show in it and especially when they are out on the boat...Love it!! That is one of my favorite scenes in the movie...the emotions that they have...I have been there and love the emotions that they go through....great great movie!!

First day of school today!!

I can't believe that today is the first day of school for my kids. My middle son is a Sophomore, my only daughter is a Freshman and my youngest is starting middle school in the 7th. My goodness where has the time gone?   They grow up so fast...make sure to take the time to stop and smell the roses, take a ton of pictures and enjoy your kids being little because one day before you know it, you will blink and they too will be in high school!!    

Summer Blog Challenge - Aug 8 - at least 10 things on my bucket list

Summer Blog Challenge - at least 10 things on my bucket list... 1. Go to Rome, Italy for my 40th birthday with one of my best friends which will happen!! 2 Get my Real Estate license 3. Buy a house 4. Have each of my 4 kids go to college, any college they want to go too. 5. Travel the US ( I want to go from the West to the East Coast) 6. Go to Paris France with one of my best friends. 7. Go to London England with one of my best friends 8. Go to Niagra Falls 9. Do better for myself with my self-confidence (contacts, new hair do etc) 10. Take my kids across the US..let them each pick somewhere that we will go.

Great tasting Gourmet Coffee

Good morning everyone, if you love your coffee and can't start your day off right without it, then check this out Gourmet Coffee They have some great deals for all you coffee lovers out there!!

Good Wednesday morning :)

 Good morning everyone, I hope that you all have a great day. I can't believe that not only that its August already (year is flying by) but that my kids start school tomorrow!!   In my opinion they are starting way too early.  The middle of the month to the end of the month would be good but geez so soon...My daughter will be a Freshman, my middle son is a Sophomore and my youngest is in middle school in the 7th. My oldest is looking into colleges which is exciting for all of us   Have a great day and rest of the week.

Summer Blog challenge - Aug 7 - What skill I wish I had

Summer Blog Challenge - what is a skill I wish I had? Hmm, well I think one of the skills I wish I had was to be a better writer. I have always liked to write but I don't think that I write good enough sometimes and would love to be a talented author.

Summer Blog challenge - fave author

Favorite author..I think its Stephanie Meyers I believe is her name...the author for the Twilight series and the one that wrote the trilogy of 50 shades of grey is right there in 2nd...I haven't been reading on my 50 shades like I would like too. I read to chapter 10 or 12 and then the PC died on me so I had to get it fixed and ever since then I can't get the 50 shades to open in another e-reader! So I haven't been able to read anymore on it...blah!

Summer Blog challenge - Dream Job

My dream job is to be a Real Estate Broker/Agent...anything in Real Estate and I am going for that dream job right now. I have been working in the Real Estate field as an Executive admin for 3 years. Not at the moment, but had been and I absolutely love it!! That combined with my over 12 years of customer service experience is a great combo for the real estate field. I already have some of that dream job coming true with my home office set up and going and being an Independent Contractor and loving that. Its not that hard to be on your own and not have to go to a 9-5 job. I know that some don't want to stay home and work and that's fine but for me I love staying home in my office and working. Have a great week.

Cafemom anyone?

Do any of you hang out at Cafemom? If you do and want to be friends on there, look for me Lisa_2900 I enjoy getting on there and requesting siggies...I love siggies! I need to start sharing some of them on here. I have a couple of groups on there. One is about working at home and the other is a group for moms of both girls and boys.

Blog Dare - What I still haven't done this summer

Blog Dare - what I still haven't done this summer... Gone swimming!! We had plans to go to the Lake but every time we wanted too it was going to be way way way too hot and then I thought about taking them to the pool but its so overcrowded there that we just hadn't done it and now school is starting in literally a few days so that isn't going to happen.

Rented 21 Jump Street - great movie!!

I rented 21 Jump Street and I loved it!! Great movie...especially with Channing Tatum in it..oh yea I really really REALLY like him!! He's a great actor and not to mention and can move!!!!!! I've seen Magic Mike too and all I can say to that is...DAMN! Matthew was doing an interview and mentioned a sequel to Magic Mike!! Heck yea!!!!!!!!!