Computer is going to SLOW for everything I'm trying to do!! UGH!

I guess I must be going a million miles an hour because today my computer is tired apparently because I swear its not keeping up with me and everything that I am doing. Work, listening to music, Facebook open for updates of course and now that I am hooked on yet again another game on there..thank you Lisa! LOL I have to keep it open and going or well at least just the main fb page then I will open the game when I'm taking breaks and then I have a couple of other work tabs open so say 6 tabs open and going and email and spotify but usually the PC keeps ups with me but nope not today!! Its telling me literally to SLOW down because every time I get to doing a few things at once it stops and says nope slow down!! GRR! I can't wait until I can buy me a brand new better laptop. This one is good, its great actually its just I want better and faster! LOL...Its not even that old really and yet I am wanting to upgrade it already! Its a laptop....not sure if I will ever go back to a desktop but I might just   get me one for the heck of it to have as a back up or something..we will see...


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