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Blog Dare - Day 14 - I can't believe that my kids like...

Blog Dare - Day 14 - I can't believe that my kids like...   I can't believe that my oldest son loves pizza and I swear could live off of it if I let him!   I can't believe that my middle son will eat anything so unlike the other 2 boys!   I can't believe that my youngest son is soooo picky on what he eats! He doesn't like the hamburger helper stuff that hubby does but he loves Tuna and some off the wall things like I do..but not really veggies at all!   I can't believe that my daughter ate a whole can of hominey as a snack yesterday!! LOL..yea she's my girl .. My veggie girl!!

Friday the 13th - tons of emotions came out today

So today is Friday the 13th..uh huh I believe it! Today before my hubby (soon to be ex) left for work he brought up some stuff that brought up other things that brought up more things and it went from there.   So needless to say he is now on his paid vacation week right now...It came out that I am done and don't want to be in this marriage anymore.   I have felt as though I have lost myself and who I am during these years and I don't want to continue down this road for 17 more years! So I let him know. We didn't fuss/fight/argue etc we talked it out..but this has been building up for awhile and now that things are coming together with the new house and things are finally starting too look up and such I really just want to start out this year fresh and this is the best way I feel to do it. Some might think that I didn't try but when your not "in-love" with the person that you married to begin with..its another situation..and especially

Blog Dare - Day 13 - My child's creepiest toy

Blog Dare - Day 13 - My Child's creepiest toy Hmm, well I really don't have one of these..or at least I don't remember one. Now that my kids are teens they don't have "toys" really so hmm not too sure about this one.. Sorry don't have a memory of this or anything to go on.....

I'll Be There For You - Bon Jovi


Always - Bon Jovi


Open Arms - Journey - beautiful song :)


Blog Dare - Day 12 - A vacation that I hope to take this year (Chocolate Bay)

Blog Dare - Day 12 - A vacation that I hope to take this year   I would absolutely love to take a trip to one of the zoo's either the OK City one or the Dallas one, other then that I would love to take the kids on a vacation to the ocean. I think that would be awesome to see. I have been to one but that was when I was a teen or younger so don't really remember too much about it so I would love to go there...I believe that is a little place called Chocolate Bay if I remember right and I am dying to go there! I think that was the name of it..I need to get my newer better vehicle first and foremost and then yes I will be taking a trip there with all the kids and taking tons of pics :) and making lots of great memories and hopefully even though they are rotten teens, they will appreciate it. We will see...not too sure when we will go.. I was wanting to do something during spring break which is around my birthday and when they are out of school so might do it then

Blog Dare - Day 11 - If my parents had ever found out...

Blog Dare - Day 11 - If my parents had ever found out...   Hmm ok well this is an interesting one..lets see...if my parents had ever found out that I skipped school and hung out at the house all day there would of been heck to pay!   I skipped school a few times and one of the times there was 4 of us and we were gutsy, 2 boys and 2 girls..we were all best friends and paired and dating..well one of the guys came up with the idea of exchanging the girls and so we did and went and had fun..we just goofed off and then went to the fields away from my house by some apartments and had a blast just goofing off but if they would of known yea that would of spelt trouble with a capital T!! It was a complete blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!   Then there was the time that one of my boyfriends was in my house and my mom came in from work earlier then expected and she never knew! lol..She went to the bathroom to get out of her work clothes and he went out the

Couple reunited after 18 years...

I love listening to Delilah and she just had a lady on there that said that her and an old flame from 18 years ago reunited..they were each other's first sweet is that?! And there song was and still is...Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx...beautiful!!

Blog Dare Day 10 - Fave Retro Toys

Blog Dare Day 10- favorite retro toy   Well I had a couple of them..first was the first nintendo. I use to play mario on that everytime I could get away with it and played it over and over for hours while talking on the phone to my friends   I also miss my cabbage patch doll...Ireta Gertie was her name...pretty little thing. My dad Bo fought for her at the Kmart I believe is where he got her ... That isn't exactly her but its close to her :)   When me and the kids were at my moms house back on Christmas Eve...she showed us a box of some of my stuff that she was Belle and Snoppy ... How I love Belle and Snoopy! And also my Bert and Ernie alarm clock/radio!! Miss that too and I remember it and she kept it...going to get it the next time were there and going to put it up at my new house and I will take pictures of it and show them on here I found the picture of my alarm clock below!! That is the exact one that I have!

Blog Dare - Day 9 - I never thought I'd find this in my child's room...

Blog Dare day 9 - I never thought I'd find this in my child's room....   Hmm I thought this was interesting...well hmm actually my oldest son and his was clean!!!!!!! I walked in there the other day when I was putting up stuff and I opened his door to put it on his bed..don't go in there much since its his space..but wow!! It was clean! Bed made and all!!!   It was such a great surprise and I was very pleased!

Blog Dare - Day 8 - Too much Television

Blog Dare Day 8 - Too much television   I think that too much television isn't good at all. I definitely limit the amount of time the kids even with them being teens I still limit the amount of time that they spend in front of the TV.   Yes I will admit we do have family time and sometimes it involves in front of the TV playing on the wii games together or watching a movie together etc but they are limited to it We have one television in our house, its in the front room. So they can't just go in there rooms and go sit in front of the TV for hours on end.   I don't mind TV sometimes to relax etc. We have cut back on watching shows. I like for them to read a book or even like a couple of them are like me and they like to blog and or write stories and or in there journal etc. So they love writing/typing just like me.   Since Fear Factor has started up again we are watching it on Monday nights as a and the kids love it .. We sit there