Blog Dare - Day 8 - Too much Television

Blog Dare Day 8 - Too much television
I think that too much television isn't good at all. I definitely limit the amount of time the kids even with them being teens I still limit the amount of time that they spend in front of the TV.
Yes I will admit we do have family time and sometimes it involves in front of the TV playing on the wii games together or watching a movie together etc but they are limited to it We have one television in our house, its in the front room. So they can't just go in there rooms and go sit in front of the TV for hours on end.
I don't mind TV sometimes to relax etc. We have cut back on watching shows. I like for them to read a book or even like a couple of them are like me and they like to blog and or write stories and or in there journal etc. So they love writing/typing just like me.
Since Fear Factor has started up again we are watching it on Monday nights as a and the kids love it .. We sit there and say ewww or I want to go for such and such couple etc. And then on Tuesday nights we have shows out the ying yang and especially now that tomorrow night the new season of Dance Moms is coming back on so that another one that were it. Its a blast to have time in front of the TV but not too much. The rest of the week we have family night by just talking without the TV on..
When we move, I think that I'm going to keep it the same way it is TV in the front room and that's it.


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