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Need to make a few bucks??

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My day

    Good morning everyone. So this morning has been alright so far. My firefox browser though wouldn't open this morning thank goodness that IE comes in handy with things like that. So I did the netscape, but then it said something about the support for it is ending on March 1, 2008. Hmm, so then it pops up saying please download either the firefox which I have but wasn't/isn't working or download this one called Flock..hmm I thought ok something different I will try it b/c it said if you liked firefox you would like this one. So I did and guess what?? I LOVE IT!! You can blog in a different window and then publish the blog to your choice of sites like my blogger...its pretty cool and it has like the flickr and the photobucket which of course I have both. And it has the pics up at the top of the browser, its pretty cool. So I like it.     Other then that, nothing to much is going on. I called Sandy this morning and while talking on the phone, her dogs came in and smelled li

The 4 jobs that I work here at home

JD Premium Products- my site is that site tells you about the money that can be made. I did the $12 to start and am putting out cards everywhere and also putting up ads all over the net. Its a great business and everyone is supportive and great. They give you a call and see how your doing and if you need help they are there for you. I have joined a yahoo group just for the business and its helpful to. They have wonderful products, but you don't have to sell them, they sell thereselves, I don't like to sell, I like to get people in the business to help them make money. ASI- with ASI (affordable service inc.) I am interviewing and hiring right now. This company has alot of positions to move up in. I am in the Human Resources Dept right now. Moved up from the Promotions Coordinator. Everyone starts out as a promotions coordinator, which simply means that you pass out cards with an 800 number and your referral number on it and the card tells them abo