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Last weekend in May already!!

My goodness..where has this year gone??! I swear it seems like yesterday we were bringing in the new year which wasn't starting off that great but is getting better and will only continue to get better and better!   Rough patches with family, they are family but they aren't true family! I have been the black sheep of my family since the day I was born!! Not looking like my mother, not looking like any of my other family and not knowing until I was 30 who my bio dad was/is!!   I lost the only 2 people in my family that I feel gave me a fair shake so to speak on being grandfather and my uncle...lost them both to cancer a few years ago. My grandfather its been over 10 years and my uncle .. A little over 3 years now..I miss them both so much!   The rest of my family (aunt and especially mother) has never treated me like I think that I deserve to be treated because I look so much like my bio dad, not blonde hair and blue eyes like mother dearest!   T

Memorial Day Weekend

Thankful to all of the military that fight for our freedoms daily. So thankful that we are in a country where we are free.    Very grateful to all that have fought and lost there lives and loved ones for fighting for our freedom..don't ever take it for granted...   Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

Work classes start soon too :)

So I also got enrolled in my class for work this week!! Awesome!! I am thrilled about it too! It also starts on June 4th. I am taking it in the evening for 4 hours so that will be fun so that during the day I can work and spend time with my kids some and do my college courses.   Its going to be a busy summer but I am really happy to get it going! I have been waiting awhile for the work class to start and now its right around the corner!! So thrilled!!! So I will be doing the work course for about 4 weeks I think June 4th-July 6th so yea that will be cool and then I can work and still do my managers job with that company during the day and make sure that my agents are doing good and not having issues with the classes etc. Some of the classes last for a few months which is going to be challenging but I know that they can do it as long as they keep thinking positive! After 3-4 weeks they start doing calls for a week then they go back to classes for the 2nd half and then do a

Officially Enrolled and Registered in Summer classes! RE career starts!!

I am so flipping ecstatic!!!! I am now officially enrolled and registered into two classes for the Summer sessions one and three. I am taking my Real Estate class to get started in my Real Estate career and then I enrolled in a keyboarding class...there wasn't too many classes to choose from since I just now was able to get into them! But for the Fall semester I am SO going to be enrolling extra early as I can and get the classes that I need in. I can't wait!! So excited. Classes start a week from Monday and instead of spending $202 at the college bookstore, the guy told me that I could order the books somewhere else..duh! Why didn't I think of that! Good grief so I went on Amazon and got both of the things that I needed for $113 or so!! Much cheaper then the bookstore. The one thing for keyboarding with the software new at the bookstore was over $150 or so new and I got it on Amazon for $80 I think it was and then the other book that I needed at the college books

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Let me be the one

I was looking to see who was coming to town and found that Kevin Costner & Modern West are...never knew that he sang...but he's a very talented guy and sounds pretty good!! So I might just have to go see him in concert :)

Looking for Dependable and Reliable customer service agents

Good evening everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I am in full force hiring mode so please if you are interested in working as a Customer Service agent and are dependable and reliable and can follow directions and get things done in a timely manner then keep reading and if you meet the requirements then please send me your resume and we can go from there.   Email me your resume:   Here are the requirements: These are the requirements we are looking for   Currently we are hiring and looking for motivated individuals who will be working from home from there computer no transportation is needed, you will be working in the comfort of your own home. We require that all agents go through a 4 week training program. Upon successful completion of your training program a $80.00 bonus will be applied on your first paycheck. Training will consist of only 3-4 hours a day for the next 4 week Mon-Fri, weekends and holidays OFF. Each age

RIP to Donna Summer and Robin Gibb

RIP to the Disco queen Donna Summer who lost her battle with lung cancer Friday the 17th. RIP Donna     And also RIP to Robin Gibb who we lost Sunday the 20th. Loved the Bee Gees

Got accepted into the Summer I & III sessions of college!!

Friday I got an email from the college that I wanted in..just a community college so huge University or anything. I got accepted in again..and this time I am going for Real Estate!   I figure since I have done the customer service for over 10 years and love it so much and then had the 3 years or so of doing admin work in the real estate field that heck why not push myself and go for Real Estate.   The way that I look at it, no matter what the economy is doing no matter how many people are losing there jobs or making new ones, there is always houses for sale, for rent and there are always people wanting to buy/sell and rent so why not get in the middle of it all and start making some really good income doing something that I love doing..customer service and real estate.   I love working the back end of it all. I love doing the contracts and calling and following up with the banks and the buyers and sellers and making appointments to show homes and so forth. So I am

Army Wives and other LIfetime Shows I love to watch!!

I absolutely swear that I live for my lifetime shows!! LOL...I remember watching Army Wives for the first time years ago not too sure exactly what it was...and by the end of that show I had tears falling and couldn't wait until the following Sunday to watch it again!! Loved it from the first moment that I watched it and haven't stopped yet!   Tonight was another tear jerker of a show! I will leave it at that for those that haven't had the chance to watch it yet....Good news...its coming back June 24th!! I can't wait! Yes counting the days until it returns!   Another lifetime show that I fell in love with because I had watched the movie and loved it is The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I absolutely crave that show!! LOL...Can't get enough of it! And I think that it said there was only 2 more shows until the season finale of that show..good news on that though is that Drop Dead Diva is returning on the 3rd of June so just 2 more weeks until