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11-11-11 pretty cool date

So what did you do today for 11-11-11? I worked half of the day and then I'm now relaxing this evening for a little while but plan on working a little more before going to bed. I need to do several things for my recruiters like update the job orders and post more. And I have a ton of things to print out, just haven't taken the time to do so yet and needed to go buy more paper but I guess I will just finish off what I have and then go get more. Thank goodness I bought up on ink when I did! Planning on doing that again soon so I will make absolute sure not to run out.   It was a nice day out today. They had a Veterans day parade, my daughter got to go to it during school so that was cool, the others didn't.   I went and got hubby around 3:30ish since he was supposed to be off at 3 but had to stay late and then took him to get a half price drink at Sonic and get him something to eat at McDonalds and on the way back home, about a block from home, ring ring he gets call