11-11-11 pretty cool date

So what did you do today for 11-11-11? I worked half of the day and then I'm now relaxing this evening for a little while but plan on working a little more before going to bed. I need to do several things for my recruiters like update the job orders and post more. And I have a ton of things to print out, just haven't taken the time to do so yet and needed to go buy more paper but I guess I will just finish off what I have and then go get more. Thank goodness I bought up on ink when I did! Planning on doing that again soon so I will make absolute sure not to run out.
It was a nice day out today. They had a Veterans day parade, my daughter got to go to it during school so that was cool, the others didn't.
I went and got hubby around 3:30ish since he was supposed to be off at 3 but had to stay late and then took him to get a half price drink at Sonic and get him something to eat at McDonalds and on the way back home, about a block from home, ring ring he gets called back into work! The joys of being an Assistant Manager.
But I have already warned him, next Friday evening the phone is going to be not only off but also left at home because its family  night and were going to all go see Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 so whatever for that short time in the movies, he will be unreachable..after the movie I'm sure he will go to the store and make sure they are ok seeing that its just 3 stores down from his store! Lol.. Can't wait!


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