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My blog's new look...

So I redid my blog.....I think I like it for the most part...not so blah and plain as it was...

New blog sig


Adding a lot of Blog Hops - check them out!! :)

Hey there everyone, I am adding a ton of Blog Hops for everyday of the week!! So check them out and join in!!   Blog Hops And if your wondering ok what the heck is a Blog Hop??   This link will tell you everything about it 

No drought aid for farmers, congress takes break for summer!!!!!!!

And this is the crap that just outright flipping ticks me off!! Stupid crap like this!!!! So congress leaves for however long (didn't read the article to see how long, my guess is a week at least!!) And they just up and go off for there summer break to go out and enjoy the summer with family friends etc...which is all fine and great if the ones that are providing the food that they are buying and eating weren't hurting RIght now!!!! There is no hiding it that this country has a ton of issues right now and one of the main ones is drought!!! Our farmers that work hard daily to give us the food that we live on could really use some aid and yet instead of helping the farmers that provide all of us food ... They take a break for summer!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the article............ UPDATE- I just read some of the article...they won't be back to do anything until AFTER LABOR DAY???????


I just want to say that I think that everyone that is in the Olympics is doing an awesome job!!! GO USA!!! I haven't been able to just sit and take the time to watch it as much as I wanted too but I have been hearing about all the awesome medals that the US is winning by getting tweets and keeping up...way to go US!

Weather for this weekend------HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Aug 4 104 °F 76 °F Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: SSW at 15 mph Sun Aug 5 102 ° 74 ° Mostly Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 20%   WIND: NW at 9 mph

More blogging here I come!!

Happy to say that I am caught up and going to stay that way with my blog challenges...well caught up for August!! I know that I missed a few in July but one day at a time! I love blogging and I jam going to be making it on my daily list of have to-do's from now on like I used to do. I find that I am less stressful sometimes when I blog about things...even if its about music or reviews or politics lol or whatever it helps relieve my stress which is a great thing. I love writing and need to stay in it like I use too... So be looking forward to a lot more blogs from me about any and everything. I have been in Cafemom a lot more lately and I have been getting some kick butt tags/siggies and I plan on sharing those on here too and I was thinking of doing a music video each day for my moods that I am I will see about doing that and also doing a blog on the hot topics of the day/week etc....anything to get back into writing daily even if its a million times

Summer Challenge - 4 - Why I'm not or shouldn't be a weekend warrior

Summer blog - why I'm not or shouldn't be a weekend warrior... I shouldn't be because ... hmm not sure!  Hmm ok well this one is challenging lol...what is the definition of a weekend warrior? Sometimes I am a weekend warrior when we get up and go out and have a good morning out going to garage sales or when we get up and decide to take a road trip. Or there are sometimes when I just want to go out by myself and blast the music in my vehicle and drive an hour to see a friend or yea sometimes I guess I have been a weekend warrior..I like getting out and going on the weekend since there isn't any time during the week to go and do much with work and school etc.

Summer Challenge - fave article of clothing

Summer Blog Challenge - what is your favorite article of clothing? My short shorts that I call my booty shorts lol..they are nice relaxing short shorts that I only wear in the comfort of my own house and they aren't really that bad..they cover my butt..its not hanging out or anything and they are comfortable and here lately in this 105 degree weather I have been wearing the few pairs of them that I have out!! Its about the only thing that I can stand to wear in the heat. I only wear jeans when I go out and that hasn't been to often here lately. Its too hot to get out and go anywhere its really frustrating being home most of the week but its just absolutely miserable getting out in it!

Blog Dare - Aug 3 - What my Friday night use to look like

Blog Dare - What my Friday night use to look like... I never really went out and had fun or did anything on my Friday nights so being a mom for 19 1/2 years now the same thing every week...doesn't really bother me. My Friday night for years has been the same thing...staying home with the kids and spending time with them. When they were younger having a movie night and as they got older that changed to having a singing night on the wii with guitar hero or rock band or playing on the 360.Or any other game together on the wii. Its still a great way to spend time with them even though they are no longer little kids and are young men and a young woman. They still make me laugh and smile and we still have a blast no matter what we do on our family night together.

It's the weekend!!!! Blog Hop time!!!

Hey party people of the blogosphere, welcome to the Weekend Blog Hop till You Drop! Blog Hop Rules : This is a low key Fun Linky hop to find other blogs we can follow! 1.  Follow  the hostess, Epic Mom a.k.a Char from  The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom , and be sure to leave a comment so that I can follow you back. 2.  Link   up  your blog so we can all check it out. 3. Please feel free to  add  any family friendly blog post, Google +, Twitter and Facebook, RSS Feed, You Tube Channel, Pintrest etc. for everyone to follow.  This a fun way to get new followers, so go ahead and add the social media channels that you would like us to follow you on,  just specify which one it is! 4. Check out some other blogs and if you find some blogs you love,  become a follower  and leave them an epic comment. 5. I’d love for you to  grab my button  and spread the word about this hop! Thanks in advance, xoxoxo

Join this awesome Blog Roll

Hi everyone, I just joined on this awesome Blog Roll... check it out and add yourself :)

Summer Blog Challenge - What helps get you through meltdowns?

Summer Blog Challenge - What helps get you through meltdowns? Well the first thing is blogging, but if I don't feel like it then playing a game like Guild Wars or Diablo 3 and if that still doesn't do the trick then its a nice strong adult strawberry drink, works every time!

Blog Dare - Aug 2 - Sometimes you just have to say...

Blog Dare - Sometimes you just have to say.... Well there are a lot of words and phrases that I could put in the blank for this one right now....I think that I will say....sometimes I just have to say kiss my grits! Yea that's a good one for me right now! Sometimes its hard to be a hundred percent nice and positive thinking..which I am 3/4 of the time but its hard to continue thinking that way when there are tough boulders in the middle of the road and its blocking me getting by...just needing a bulldozer to get all the crap out of my way right now!!

Summer Challenge - feature for dream house

Summer blog challenge for the 2nd day of Aug. What's one feature you would have to have in your dream home? I would say windows...big huge lots of light windows. I love windows especially if there is a beautiful scenery outside to look at. I love windows and having them big and always open to let the beautiful light in.

Beautiful Full moon out tonight

The moon is so beautiful out..its bright and full... My middle son Christopher went outside earlier and took some  pics...they were pretty good I thought...

Blog Dare - Aug 1 - It's August already?

Blog Dare topic today is ... It's August already?? I can't believe that this year had sped by so fast!! On one hand I am glad to see it going by .. It hasn't been the best year..definitely a very very rough start to this year but hopefully it will get only better..although this month already is starting out on the rough end of things yet again! I know that things are tough for a lot of people and what I'm going through, there are others out there worse then me. I am very thankful for what I have..just sometimes wondering when things are going to look up because now this month has started out on a rough note....we will see surely it will look up soon!

Summer Blog Challenge - homemade gift

Summer Blog Challenge - 1st of Aug - homemade gift for someone Well when the kids were smaller we had come up with all kinds of ideas for things to be made and gave for presents etc but now that they are teens, they only make cards and that's only a few times a year! They aren't into artsy crafty things really. Well my youngest son who is soon to be 14 is into drawing all kinds of things. The boy can draw anything and everything!! He's a great artist!! I hope that he can put his skills to use this upcoming school year.

Click to Donate for free!

Do your part today...its free and only takes a minute to click on each of the great causes. And its free....   Care2

Looking forward to the new month ahead

I am looking so forward to the upcoming new month. Hopefully it will be a lot better then this one..Lots of ups and downs...   Have a great new month and rest of the week. I am looking forward to some great things coming up soon for us.    

Guild Wars 2 - are you looking to it coming at the end of Aug?

I so love Guild Wars!! I haven't played the first one in awhile so I am installing it now. Trying to decide if I can pre-order the GW 2 and if I do then I get access to the game 3 days earlier then everyone else that goes to the stores and buys it! I think that is worth it...but its $60 so I am still trying to decide on that.   I think that it will be worth it especially since its 3 days before everyone else!! That's pretty cool! That is really making it hard for me to say no!    

Thoughts on the upcoming Pres election

I don't know what to do or to think about this years upcoming presidential election. Its a tough choice....I don't know much about any of the candidates...I guess I should do my research on them and see what they are wanting to do etc.   Not to sure which way that will point me...I don't agree with Obama and this health care BS. I think that is overstepping our rights.   Like me, I don't go to the doctor, I feel fine and don't see the need to. Every now and again maybe to the eye doctor but that's it so why should I have to pay for something that I'm not going to use?? That is just crazy!! I mean dang people are having a hard enough time right now and to put that extra expense on us is stupid in my opinion. If they would do something to where families could actually afford it even though in this day and age with the jobs still not coming up like they should I don't even think affordable health insurance is going to be worth it .. And wh

Twilight - Breaking Dawn part 2

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn part 2...little sad that its the last one..but I guess since Kristen decided to be stupid and cheat on Rob, I think that its insane that she would do that..but anyway she did it...and then has the nerve to say I love and respect him?? Really so you love him SO much and want to show him so much respect that you CHEAT on him?? With a director of the movie that you just did and not only that but he's a flipping Married man!!!! Do people just not give a crap anymore???? She's young and the guy is basically double her flipping age!! Really?? You love Rob so much that your going to cheat on him..pathetic! I would really hate to see what she would do if she didn't love and respect someone!!!!!!

Sharing a pic of the beautiful sky the other night...


Last few days of the month..finally!

I am ready for this month to be behind me..I am looking to the upcoming months. Can't believe that more then half the year is over now and the kids are getting ready to go back to school literally in a week and a half!! Where did the summer go?? Its crazy how fast this year is going by..its had its ups and down...

Can't sleep...again...

I hate it when I can't sleep and tonight is really really bad...Its almost 5am!! So I guess there is really no since in going to bed at all now or else I will sleep half of the day away which I can't do because of work class at 1pm..wonderful...its going to be "one of those days" where I want to take a nap but shouldn't ..ugh!


Email testing...please work!!