No drought aid for farmers, congress takes break for summer!!!!!!!

And this is the crap that just outright flipping ticks me off!! Stupid crap like this!!!!
So congress leaves for however long (didn't read the article to see how long, my guess is a week at least!!) And they just up and go off for there summer break to go out and enjoy the summer with family friends etc...which is all fine and great if the ones that are providing the food that they are buying and eating weren't hurting RIght now!!!!
There is no hiding it that this country has a ton of issues right now and one of the main ones is drought!!! Our farmers that work hard daily to give us the food that we live on could really use some aid and yet instead of helping the farmers that provide all of us food ... They take a break for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's the article............

UPDATE- I just read some of the article...they won't be back to do anything until AFTER LABOR DAY???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLIPPING REALLY?????????

And some wonder why our country is in the condition its in right now....GET EVERYONE OUT OF CONGRESS/HOUSE/ETC AND REPLACE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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