More blogging here I come!!

Happy to say that I am caught up and going to stay that way with my blog challenges...well caught up for August!! I know that I missed a few in July but one day at a time!
I love blogging and I jam going to be making it on my daily list of have to-do's from now on like I used to do.
I find that I am less stressful sometimes when I blog about things...even if its about music or reviews or politics lol or whatever it helps relieve my stress which is a great thing. I love writing and need to stay in it like I use too...
So be looking forward to a lot more blogs from me about any and everything.
I have been in Cafemom a lot more lately and I have been getting some kick butt tags/siggies and I plan on sharing those on here too and I was thinking of doing a music video each day for my moods that I am I will see about doing that and also doing a blog on the hot topics of the day/week etc....anything to get back into writing daily even if its a million times a day and keeping up with my Summer blog challenge and also my Blog Dare challenge...
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.


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