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The Walgreens Black Friday ad was just released. The sales start on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and run until Saturday.'
Walgreens Black Friday DealsChildren's Toys, 50% offMaxwell House Coffee 11 or 11.5 ounce, $2 each (after Balance Rewards points)Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 6 pack or Nice! Marshmallows 10 or 10.5 ounce, $.99Starbucks Venti Gift Mug Set, $9.99Crayola Crayons with Sharpener 64 Pack, $2.99Speed Wheels Vehicles, $.59Living Solutions Holiday Tableware (Novelty Plate or Tray, Coffe Mug), 2/$3Holiday Accessories (Paper Character Bucket, Cookie Cutter Set, or Battery Operated Metallic Tea Light), $.79 Walgreens Black Friday FreebiesRelief OTC antacid, free after Register RewardsTherapeutic scalp treatment, free after Register RewardsChildrens Neilmed Nasabulb, free after Register RewardsUrgent Rx To-Go, free after Register RewardsFungicure, free after Register RewardsPerfection Tampons, free after Register RewardsAdvil Pain Relief, free after Register RewardsScunci Hair Ela…

Review and #Giveaway on A Lifelong Love

Hi everyone, I had the pleasure of receiving this book and doing a review and giveaway on it. I enjoyed it. I really think that its a good tool for every married couple no matter what stage of your marriage you're in, whether it be in the honeymoon phase or maybe in the first 5 or so years or even longer than that. Like myself we are coming up on the 20 year wedding anniversary!
I got a lot out of this book and I think that it can help everyone in a very positive way. I like the way that the chapters were in little sections as well and at times there was questions asked so that it could be discussed with your spouse or you could just think about it and answer it yourself.
It shows that even if only one of you in your marriage are a believer that it can still help and you can still enjoy the presence of God in your marriage.
Reading this book has showed me different things and really opened my eyes and mind to things that have helped me come to a better place and understanding of my o…

My story - Prison Wives Unite

Hi everyone, thank you for coming to my page and reading my story. I have been married to a man for 20 years this coming Valentines Day. We have been through it all to say the least, we were separated close to a year and then crap hit the fan last year in Aug. I guess because of all the shock and stress and not wanting to believe and or deal with the things that were going on in my life dealing with him, I blocked it out of my mind until the beginning of this year 2014.
He ended up going to jail in Aug of last year and towards the end of the year he had wrote me a letter but I was so stubborn and in shock etc that I didn't care to read it or care about what he had to say etc. I was in a very negative and dark place with dealing with him and that situation.
So this year at the beginning of this year 2014 I made the goal to be there for him. After all he is my husband and he has no other family besides me and the kids. His "friends" left him and won't have anything to do…

#BlogOpp Looking for Co-hosts for a great giveaway

 Organized By: and… Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card Signups will close once all Co-Host spots are filled. The giveaway event dates are TBA.

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LiaH 2014 Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaways

I am thrilled to announce the (belated) kick-off of our 2014 Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaways from Life in a House of Testosterone and Friends! I have some really wonderful bloggers (over 60 of them!!!) who have agreed to help share the fun with their readers as well!
Christmas Gift Guide Sections We have several different sections for you: For HerFor HimFor Tweens/TeensFor Birth to Age 9For Your PetsHome and HostsGadgets and TechFood & SpiritsFor the Family Pinterest Gift Guide Boards In addition to our featured sections, we have our Gift Guides on Pinterest as well! You can find even more amazing gifts on our Pinterest boards, all pinned to the top to make it easy for you to find them!
Christmas Giveaways Last but not least, find out all of the great Christmas Gift Guide Giveaways in one place as they go live (in addition to being listed under our Giveaways tab) by just clicking on the giveaways logo below!

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#BlogDash Are you a part of this great site bloggers? check it out!

Hey there bloggers, if you haven't come across and joined BlogDash check it out today. You can get hooked up with some great companies and brands :)

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#BlogOpp Holiday Bundle of Gift - needs bloggers!

Holiday Bundle of Gifts Blogger Opp
Fellow bloggers, come join me in promoting the Holiday Bundle of Gifts Giveaway, hosted by Just Another Mom!
Sign Ups will close on 11/16 and the Giveaway will go live on 11/18
The Giveaway will run from: 11/18 to 12/4
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More prizes may be added, but as you can see this is a pretty nice list of gifts! If more than 20 bloggers are on board, I'll also add in a $15 Gift Card to the Prize Pack.
Free, Paid, and Co-Host Options are available.
Sign-Up Here!
And in the referral box, tell them I sent you!

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#Tsu another social media platform

I came across this in one of my blogger groups on facebook. I thought okay another cool looking social site so I looked at it and watched the video and decided okay I'll join and I signed up under one of the ladies that put her link in the group for those that needed an invite. So I decided that I would do the same :) So I'm sharing with you on here tonight.
If you take a look and see what its all about, its pretty easy to get the hang of the site.
Here is my invite to you to check it out and join :)  
Join Lisa2900 on tsu

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Motivational Monday - no pity parties!

DISLIKE people who all they do is whine, moan, groan and have a pity party!! Times are hard on ALL of us at one time or another, we live through things to make us stronger and all along we are moving forward and learning from things that have happened and are happening in our lives.....get over it and move on, this too shall pass!

And there is another very good reason that I need to move on and get out of the situation I'm in right now by staying with a friend, too much negativity from her!! Yet she has a good paying job, a nice brand new car sitting outside and a nice roof over her head yet she still whines, moans and groans about every TINY little piddly thing!!! I've made up my mind that I've had enough and so has my boys!!!

I didn't raise my kids to have pity parties and or to be negative!!! I've taught them to be thankful and grateful for what they have even if sometimes its not all they want, they always have what they need.

And going by the saying above, well s…

Mom starting over

This is my story and why I'm a mom starting over and asking for your help.

Mom starting over needs your help

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Lisa of course you probably already knew that! And this is my awesome blog. I don't blog too much about things going on in my life because over the past couple of years things have gone up and down for me. I am a stronger person because of the ups and downs that I have gone through and I'm sure will continue to go through. I am a very positive person and won't dwell on the bad things that have come into my life.

So I will tell you a little about what is going on now. I am a mom of 4 kids (teens). my boys are here with me, my daughter chose to go another way. We have been staying with one of my best friends now going on 2 years (in April will be 2 years). I love my best friend, she is a great person to of taken us in like she has and opened her home to us. However, I believe that its time for us to move on and get our own place…

#Giveaway Amazon $350 Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to the Fan's Choice $350 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! Hosted by ~ All About Parents ~ Co-Hosted by ~ ~ Michigan Savings and More ~ ~ Dividing By Zero ~ ~ Caravan Sonnet ~ ~ Here We Go Again Ready? ~ and last but certainly not least ~ Sweepstakes Fanatics ~

This giveaway will run from November 3rd - November 17th 4:00am Deb asked her fan's what was the next giveaway they wanted. Gift cards or money was the number one thing. So Deb from All About Parents made it happen! There's alot of amazing bloggers joining in on this giveaway! Make sure you show them some extra special love! This should cover some Christmas presents or what ever else you want or need! I hope everyone has fun and good luck! Enjoy!

Disclosure: Deb from All About Parents is sponsoring this giveaway herself , If you should have any questions about this giveaway please feel free to ask. In no way is this giveaway associated with Amazon, Facebook or any other social media site you might see it on. Thanks for …

#GiftGuideGiveaway Julie's Gift Guide Giveaway #Giveaway

Welcome to Julie's Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway!
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#Giveaway Home for the Holidays Giveaway #HFTH1114

WELCOME TO THE HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS GIVEAWAY!!! Hosted by: Michigan Saving and More My Wonderful Co-Hosts: Stellar Manic Mommy
Barbara's Beat Coupon Crazy Mom Joan's 5 Star Reviews Momma of 4 Cutiez Mommy Makes Time Deliciously Savvy Simply Sherryl Serenity Doesn't Come Easy Stylish Momme Mrs. Kathy King A special thanks to all the bloggers helping to promote this giveaway! Are you staying home for the holidays? Are you entertaining family and friends for the holidays? We want to make your life just a little easier. Most of the products will have reviews posted very soon at Michigan Savings and More. These sponsors are here to help: The Gathering of Friends Allett Billfolds: The Original Thin Wallet Stretch Money Holder Faucet Face Colortime Crafts and Markers PC SpeedBoost Colors and More Colors – Etsy Shop Zim’s Advanced Simplastix Innovations The Bluapple Company Brinkman Adventures Zabada Clean $25 (sponsored by StellarManicMonny2) Smile Brillant Stampin’ Up! – Etsy Shop LoveBook Lo…