Mom starting over

This is my story and why I'm a mom starting over and asking for your help.

Mom starting over needs your help

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Lisa of course you probably already knew that! And this is my awesome blog. I don't blog too much about things going on in my life because over the past couple of years things have gone up and down for me. I am a stronger person because of the ups and downs that I have gone through and I'm sure will continue to go through. I am a very positive person and won't dwell on the bad things that have come into my life.

So I will tell you a little about what is going on now. I am a mom of 4 kids (teens). my boys are here with me, my daughter chose to go another way. We have been staying with one of my best friends now going on 2 years (in April will be 2 years). I love my best friend, she is a great person to of taken us in like she has and opened her home to us. However, I believe that its time for us to move on and get our own place. We all need more space and privacy.

However, when we came here we had but a few things with us. We had our clothes and a few necessities that was all that we had with us and since this is her house, we haven't really bought too much as far as things for the house etc since we've been here. We have a few things like towels and such but as far as other household things nothing and so that is what I will be needing with your help hopefully.

Moving is a big expense and I realize that but, I know that for the new upcoming year here around the corner in the next couple of months we need to journey out on our own and have a place where we can not only call home but make our home instead of trying to do that in someone else's house.

I am asking for help mostly with the moving in to the house/apartment to rent and then with that comes the deposit on the place along with the deposits on the bills. We haven't lived here in TX on our own for years so all the bills I'm sure will cost to get on. I have money coming in, I work here at home as a customer service rep and an RE assistant so once I get in our new place it won't be an issue of staying and keeping it, just getting in it. Yes, I'm an independent contractor/self-employed but I have been making it on my income for a few years now and will do whatever it takes to continue that.

And once we get settled our goal is the beginning of the year, my boys that are old enough to get a job will be getting one to help out along with continuing school, school first and foremost, that work will be part time, I'm not going to interfere with schooling.

I am very thankful and grateful for her letting us stay here but its just time to move on. I need my privacy as well as the boys each need there own as well.

Please click the top link to go to my page on Go Fund Me and donate or the badge below. Thank you in advance, its appreciated.

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