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UBC Day 2 - Grateful

So its day 2 of the Ultra Blog Challenge (UBC) and day 2 of the new year. So far its been good. I'm so thankful and grateful for everything and everyone in my life. 

I'm just a person, a female, a mom, a wife, a best friend and I don't have everything in the world but, what I do have I am so Grateful for.

As I've grown up and older I have realized that its not what you have that counts, it what you have and how you appreciate things. Its the people in your life, its how you choose to be and live your life. 

I'm grateful that I have the chance to sit here and write this as I'm working (pretty slow work day) but, I am very lucky that I can do that. I'm grateful that I live in a country where we are free to do things that others in other places don't have the pleasure of doing.

I'm grateful for the ones that aren't with their loved ones right now and they are off somewhere else taking care of others for their job or because they want too etc. I appreci…

#BloggerOpp - Aquavault announcement

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#BloggerOpp - Two Rivers Coffee Giveaway

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A minute of your time can make a difference

Good morning everyone. I'm trying my hardest this year to do more and help more with things such as donating etc. So with the start of the year why not help some of the great causes such as fighting cancer or violence or helping feed a child? You can help and it doesn't cost you a penny, just a minute of your time, that's it!!

Check this out, its called Care2 And again its free and all you do is click to donate to these causes and it helps..

Have a great first weekend of the new year!!

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Quick exercises for those on the go!!

Hey there everyone, I know that for most of us we are always on the go!! No matter if its going with the kids taking them somewhere or going to work or just going out doing errands etc. Well the next time you have a minute check out this blog for some great on the go exercises.

They look really cool to me and I'm going to get me a set of them soon and try them out and see how I like it since I always have some reason of why I can't go outside jogging or walking (too cold/too hot etc) so this time I can just exercise in the house and see how that goes. Never knew there was so many things you can do with resistance bands!

LISA-QUEEN OF RANDOM claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed

HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes

So for all of us here that absolutely love looking and entering the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes, well guess what?? It's here again!! I just saw it/heard about it yesterday I believe and I have already signed up for the daily reminders etc.

So I just wanted to share with you all that might want to look at it and enter it if you like, you can do that here

I saw the inside video of it...all I got to say is "WOW!!" I absolutely love it!! I love that master bathroom upstairs...omg, the size of the shower is like the size of both of our closets or bigger! I would SO love to have a shower that size!! It looks so relaxing. And the Terrace bedroom on the bottom that would be so awesome to wake up and look out and see the water every morning. That's one of my dreams (still have a few more years to make it happen (one of my goals before I'm or by the time I'm 50 I want to live in a Beachfront property and wake up to the ocean or beach every morning and sit out…

Kicking off the new year on a great note

Starting this year off to an awesome start already!!

Already I've gotten some interviews for some new clients to work with which I'm really excited about!!
I don't do the "home business" when I talk about my working at home. I have gotten involved with things that are considered a home based business before and the support with them just wasn't there so it didn't work out. So when I say I work at home - its exactly that. I do my customer service here out of my office and do my own clients which aren't "home based opps" etc. I love working out of my home office. I've gotten so comfortable with it that I don't ever think that I could or would want to ever leave it! I mean yes its me sitting here in my pj's sometimes working answering phones etc but, I'm not just messing around, I'm really working and helping ohters and that is what I treasure most about the working at home as a customer service person and Ind. Contractor. I w…

2016 is here!! Happy New Year!

Good evening everyone and welcome to the NEW year!!! I hope that you all are having a great start to the awesome new year of 2016!!!
As far as resolutions etc...well I don't really do that anymore so to speak, instead I'm doing goals and I am determined (like last year) to reach them all!!
So for this year here are some of what I plan on doing and hopefully like last year I will complete all of them again!! I don't make too many but I do them so I will definitely complete all of them and then extras as well and then that just makes me feel better and more accomplished at the end of the year :)
So, let's see here...well I am working on my relationship with my husband of soon to be 21 years in Feb on Valentine's Day. We haven't been together all those years, yes we've had our issues but, we were together most of them and we are working on being together still for another 20 years!! Wow 20 years!! That's almost half of my life! Crazy to think about it like th…