Kicking off the new year on a great note

                   Starting this year off to an awesome start already!!

Already I've gotten some interviews for some new clients to work with which I'm really excited about!!

I don't do the "home business" when I talk about my working at home. I have gotten involved with things that are considered a home based business before and the support with them just wasn't there so it didn't work out. So when I say I work at home - its exactly that. I do my customer service here out of my office and do my own clients which aren't "home based opps" etc. I love working out of my home office. I've gotten so comfortable with it that I don't ever think that I could or would want to ever leave it! I mean yes its me sitting here in my pj's sometimes working answering phones etc but, I'm not just messing around, I'm really working and helping ohters and that is what I treasure most about the working at home as a customer service person and Ind. Contractor. I wouldn't' change it for anything in the world!!

So this year I have a few things that are especially important to me like my pet Oreo. There are some great technologies that we have out there and its pretty awesome to think about how we have microchips these days to put in pets to help people when they get lost, people find them and either see a tag with a chip id number on the tag or they can take them to a vet or clinic and have them scanned to see if they are chipped and if so we can usually, as long as they are registered, get them reunited with the owner. I know this now because I'm working for one of the companies that help people be reunited with a lost pet. Its awesome to hear that they are reunited or that someone found the pet.

I've also have had the pleasure of being involved with another company dealing with pets that are helping pets be free of the icky fleas and ticks that our pets have to deal with from time to time. I'm getting more involved with it (just found it about a week or so ago) so I am going to get more involved with it and make it an awareness that you can help your pets and instead of all icky stuff like the sprays and powders and so forth to get the fleas off of our pets there is another solution which is pretty awesome!! Its a tag and it not only helps with not only cats and dogs but, also other animals/pets such as horses!! I think its pretty awesome! This tag provides 4 years of protection for your pet! I'm getting my baby boy Oreo one soon so that he won't have to worry about the annoying fleas anymore. He's pretty good and hardly ever gets any but certain times of the year they seem to come out of nowhere and bother him and I hate doing the stuff like the sprays and powders and all that and he doesn't like the he takes it off and is like nope not today mom! Rotten child of mine! So when I heard about this I knew I had to get involved and help get the word out there about it and help other pet lovers see what is out there to help their babies :)

To check it out click here that will tell you all about it.

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