2016 is here!! Happy New Year!

Good evening everyone and welcome to the NEW year!!! I hope that you all are having a great start to the awesome new year of 2016!!!

As far as resolutions etc...well I don't really do that anymore so to speak, instead I'm doing goals and I am determined (like last year) to reach them all!!

So for this year here are some of what I plan on doing and hopefully like last year I will complete all of them again!! I don't make too many but I do them so I will definitely complete all of them and then extras as well and then that just makes me feel better and more accomplished at the end of the year :)

So, let's see here...well I am working on my relationship with my husband of soon to be 21 years in Feb on Valentine's Day. We haven't been together all those years, yes we've had our issues but, we were together most of them and we are working on being together still for another 20 years!! Wow 20 years!! That's almost half of my life! Crazy to think about it like that...

I am planning on moving closer to one of my besties still in OK but it will be a new adventure none the less for me and my boys. We won't be doing that until the lease here is out which isn't until July/Aug so we have some time to find a place and not rush and move until we find a great place for us.

I am going to be expanding my work at home work, meaning that I going to be looking for some people to come aboard and work with me. I use to do that, years ago after I started my L&L Services I had a team of people to help with my clients and so forth and then life got complicated and that stopped. So I'm determined to do that again this year. I might wait until we get moved and settled so towards the mid/end of the year but, none the less it will happen.

I am going to be taking/making more little road trips. I know that I can't do a whole lot, I am for sure not made out of money but, I am determined to see this country even if its just the two states of OK and TX that I go too! I want to see more and I will one day but, as long as I get out and see new things I think that will do me some good. I want to get out and see things. Enjoy life. Tomorrow is never promised and I don't want to be someone that wished that I would of went out more etc and done more. So I am going to take trips whether its to the OKC or Tulsa Zoo or the OK State Fair which I've never been too or something in or around the Dallas area again. I'm going to be hitting the road even if its a weekend every other month its going to happen one way or another I'm determined!

Something else that I'm wanting and going to do is read more. Yea I really don't just sit down and read books anymore. I use too but, I don't do it as much as I'd like too. I've sat down and read books for reviews and such but, I'm wanting to get into it more and just read and relax at the end of the night. My routine at the end of the day before bed is to get on my Kindle Fire and play games and then after I've played some of my daily games etc I'll turn it on Netflix for my evening movie and fall asleep. Instead of playing games or something I need to fit in even an hour of reading a night. I think that just a little while every night would be enjoyable, it was before I stopped. Life just always seems to need me to do this that or the other. I'm sure you other moms out there know what I mean...either the kitchen needs one last wipe down before bed or the pets need fed or something else needs checked or done and then its just too late and its just easier to lay down and go to sleep then taking the time to pick up the book or heck even read on the Kindle etc. That is how its been for me at least.

And to go to the eye doctor and treat myself to a new pair of contacts! :) That will probably be my birthday again!

**Updated** And I am going to be blogging more at least something once a day no matter if its a giveaway (looking forward to do more of my own this year) or whether its a tip or a news piece or whatever I'm going to be blogging once a day :) Hope you stop by and see what it is about ... 

So those are some of the goals for this year. I hope that you all have a few things that you are determined to do no matter what it is or how little it is just go and do it. 

Wishing you all the best and  happiest year and prosperous year...

Happy New Year 2016 from Lisa-Queen of Random!!

Much love to you all!!!

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