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Some of the benefits of working at home

You know when you first think of working at home, you might think, hmm this could really work for me and think that you don't have to work just as hard as you would out in an office setting, well that isn't the case really. Regardless of if your working in your own office setting in the comforts of your home office or if your out and in an office building, you still have to work just as hard. Just because you work at home and can be in your pajamas all day long doing the work doesn't meant that its any easier. The benefits of course of working at home is that you can usually set your own hours which is great if you have a family and children to take care of during certain hours etc. And you do have the chance to be in a relaxing environment and the chance to hang out in your pj's all day if you choose. I love that part of the working at home. You still have to be professional in the work that you do though, whether its on the phone being a customer service rep or

The show Undercover Boss, what do you think of it?

So have you seen the show Undercover Boss? It comes on Sunday evenings. I watched it tonight for the premiere of it and I loved it. I really think that its great for the owners/Ceo's to go out there and to go undercover at their own companies to see what really goes on and how others are being treated etc. I liked tonights and I am hoping to see more great episodes like tonights on through the season. Share you thoughts and opinions with me on the show if you watch it.


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The Daily Cat Tip

TODAY´S TIP: FOOD & NUTRITION August 30, 2010 Why You Should Separate a Cat's Food and Water by Pam Johnson-Bennett, CABC, Cat Behavior Associates   You may think you're making life easier for your cat by using a double dish for food and water but some cats don't like water so close to their meal. In between meals when a cat goes for some water she may not want the smell of food nearby. Food particles that spill into the water can also contaminate it. If you feed dry food and some water spills into it, that can make the food less palatable. If you use separate dishes you're also more inclined to keep the bowls cleaner. With a double feeder that still contains dry food you may just refill the water side without washing it. If you're concerned about your cat not drinking enough, try using a separate water dish and place it away from the food bowl. Pam Johnson-Bennett, CABC, is a certified cat behavior consultant and author

Nickelodeon Fan Meet

If you remember Nickelodeon from 1979-1989 then this fan meet is for you!!! 80’s Kids unite as we take a step back in time to celebrate the network that made us who we are today! Activities include: meet & greet along with memory sharing, Q&A time for any special guests (working on that) & a full day of watching classic Nickelodeon shows from the early to mid 1980’s including (but not limited to), at least an hour of Pinwheel, Today’s Special, Black Beauty, The Tomorrow People, Turkey Television, Standby…Lights! Camera! Action!, Special Deliveries & much more! So make your plans now to attend the First Annual Classic Nickelodeon Fan Meet on October 1-3, 2010 at the Best Western Altus in Altus, OK! Anyway prices are as follows: Tickets go on sale August 1, 2010 $20 per adult $10 for children 13-17 $5 for children 4-12 Babies 3 & under will be free If you have any questions please contact Ice at (Add fan meet to subject box please.) C

Life is good!!

Good evening everyone, And life is good right now because I appreciate life. Appreciate my children, my life, my friends and my family. If only she wasn't so selfish she could have a home of her own right now and bills in her name and living life the way that Im sure she wants to which isn't the way that she's living now.... I try not to do personal blogs on here to much but I am going to go ahead and do this one on here and then do another one on my myspace. Just found out that my step-daughter is not here in Oklahoma anymore with her boyfriend. They went back to where he came from. He is a good guy I think, she is just not a good girl or good person! She only cares about one thing and that is herself! Completely SELFISH!! She has burned every bridge with every person that she knows! She must of been pretty desperate to go back to his parents house with all the kids running around! She doesn't like kids of any age.. She might claim that she does...but sh

Are you stuck in a lease? Want to get out of it but you think you can't? You can!!

Good evening everyone, Ok so most of us when we rent a house or an apartment usually we sign a lease when we get it right? And the same is for us when we buy/lease a vehicle, we sign a lease and also with the cell phones. Well if your in a lease, a car, apartment or a cell phone lease you can get out of it!! I am a customer service specialist for a great company called - we have 3 separate sites to help you out with whichever lease your in and want to get out of. For car leases that your in but want or need to get out of, we have   On this site you can go and look for a vehicle that you want to get into if you want to take over payments for someone else that wants to get out of the lease or you can list your car on there!! We have 4 packages, the first one is Free, so yes you can get on there and put your vehicle on there for free with the listing comes 1 photo that you can list and then just wait and see for the people to come to you want

Updating coming this weekend!!

So this weekend I am going to be concentrating on updating my blogger and my site. So hopefully it will look a whole lot better when I get done with it. My site that I have for Working At Home is   I have been working here at home for more than 4 years now. I am trying to get my sites up to date. I have joined a lot of affiliate sites and other things that I haven't messed with and this weekend I will either start messing with them or delete them!! If you want to make money from home, YOU CAN!! I have been for years  now and its possible!!! I have my home office set up with my business line and toll free line. I have my business line with unlimited long distance with Vonage and I have my 800 number for a few dollars each month. Its not that expensive at all to get going. Then once you know what you want to do, like me, I love the customer service field but I also like the recruiting work and blogging/writing and rewriting articles.

Losing Weight with Nexagen USA

This is for anyone out there that isn't where they want to be as far as weight is concerned.  I am not where I want to be, I need to lose about 50 pounds before I will be happy with myself. Are you sluggish? Hardly any energy or do you have just enough energy that it takes you to get up and do what you have to do each day but thats about it? Well thats me!! I have been so tired lately and I can't figure out the reasoning behind it. I know that I need to slow down on sodas and gradually get back into drinking lots more water. A friend of mine told me about Nexagen. There are patches that you wear on your forearm or shoulder and you wear a new one each 24 hour day. They help you gain the energy that you need with drinking water and you feel like getting up and doing things. I haven't been on them for too long but already I can tell a difference and I can't wait to see at the end of the week/month how many inches I am losing! If your interested in losing wei

Hiring Court Researchers

Looking for dedicated and self-motivated individuals interested in a long-term research project to be conducted at local courthouses. Experience not required as free training is provided. Laptop preferred. Pay is piece-work and you can expect to average between $7-15 per hour depending on your typing speed and the ease and speed of researching data at the courthouse (via terminal, books, or microfiche). Payment is made to researchers EVERY two weeks via direct deposit. Be ready to work immediately. Nothing to buy or join, no fees. Mileage is not reimbursed. Copies of documents not required, just abstracted data which you will enter into software on your laptop. Need is immediate. Please visit IT-Boss Research for an application. Our clients are focusing on the following states: Arkansas Louisiana Pennsylvania Texas Serious Inquiries only please.  Apply online We are hiring right now, so apply today!! If you are a hard worker and reliable, please apply

A cool Nickelodeon blog for you all to read :)

Hey there everyone, A friend of mine is really into Nickelodeon and she has worked hard on a few sites and she has a blog up now to so I thought that I would share it with you all. The link to the blog is So check it out if you love Nickelodeon :)

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I signed up with you can to - its free!!

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Earn some money today by working at home!! YES it can be done!

Good evening everyone, I hope that you all are having a great weekend. Did you know that there are a lot of ways to make some legit money at home working on your computer? You just have to look and do a little research and then go for it!! I have been a work at home mom for 4+ years working on the computer and before then I was working from home but using envelopes and paper! Yea some of that worked and some didn't but I did make some extra money which was nice to have coming in now and then. Well I am here to tell you that you can make money at home. Join for free and stick with it.

Girl gets beaten into a coma over txt message and boy set on fire over video game!!!!!

Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy

Music for your kids

Hey there everyone, These cd's have been around for awhile now, check them out and maybe get a couple for your kids!! Its Kidz Bop!! Remember those commercials on tv? My kids love the songs on the cd's they have  few of them. You can save on them now..check it out. Be sure to put in the code at the checkout to save :) Have a great day.

Customer Service Agents needed

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Freelancers get hired on oDesk (free to join!)

Good afternoon everyone, I understand that job market stinks right now. Well if your an Ind. Contractor/Freelancer/Consultant then you should look at odesk. Its free to sign up and join and you bid on the projects that you want to. You put in the bid that you want to do the job for and then wait for people to ask you to interview for the job. I have been doing this for a few years now and I love it. Try it...

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Check this out, pretty cool

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Make money entering License Plates into database!! FREE to join!!!

Are you looking to make some extra money? Do you know people that have a vehicle with a license plate on it?? Of course you do right??!! well ask them to join to its completely FREE!! What you do is just go out and get license plates...go to your Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Big Lots or wherever you go daily and get all the license plates you can and then enter them!! Thats it!! make some extra money and then tell your family and friends about it to so they can get it on it.

Do you want to lose weight with the help of Jillian Michaels

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Sales that are ending soon!!

Hey there everyone, here are some great places that are having sales and specials. Get the codes and save! All you have to do is click the link and it will take you to the place and get your savings!! If you love reading books, check this out for sales on used books Select Used Books On Sale for $2.99 - Good 307 through 3132010 Biggest sale of the year at Save 15% off everything when you use semisale at checkout. If your in the mood for movies, Amazon has a lot of them and at great prices to!

Looking for Recruiters

Hey there everyone, If you are looking for something to do from home and you like helping people to, why not become a recruiter?? I am a recruiter and I need some help with all the job orders pilling up so I am hiring Recruiters to help me. You will be working on commission which means, if you bring me someone and they get hired by the company (Im not the company) and I get paid because they were hired and you referred them, then you will get 10% of whatever I get paid from the company! Not to bad. So if your interested email me  and put Recruiter in the subject line. Thanks everyone, have a great day.

My working at home today site

Hey there everyone, I am trying to get caught up on things this weekend. So I will be updating the site and putting up some more things that might be of some interest to you if your working at home and like to do the earning extra money thing or if your wanting to make some money at home. Also I will be posting jobs soon to. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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Solutions Network - FREE site and FREE to join :)

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Traffic Exchanges

Hey there everyone, hope your all having a great day. If your looking to get some great traffic coming in to your site, check this out!!

Looking for Resellers

Hi everyone, I am looking for some resellers for a phone service. We have a great and reliable phone service for $15/month that includes 500 minutes and that includes Rollover minutes, so the minutes that you might not use, they will carryover to the next month. If your interested in becoming a reseller, please email me at  Thank you and have a great rest of the week. Lisa

Cool sites to get traffic to your sites

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Phone Service for $12/month!!!!

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Happy New Years everyone!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I wish each and everyone of you the very best for 2010!!!