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Kids singing a song on myspace kareoke

Myspace Kareoke - kids sang a song :)  Current mood:   focused  Category:  Life Good evening everyone. Earlier this evening Chris and Jesse decided that they wanted to get on myspace kareoke and do a song together. We looked at a couple and finally found a cute one, Who Let the Dogs Out. :) So them two sat in here and goofed off and was silly and sang the song I put the video up on youtube, uploading now should be done soon hopefully and I think that its saved on here somewhere lol its new so not to sure how it works but it was saved I think. They are to cute trying to sing and do a good job and just having a good time. If you have kids that love to be silly and goofy and like to sing, get them on kareoke its cool and you can just do the sound or you can set up your cam and do the video and sound like we did. Its to cute and fun. Have a good night. YouTube id is Lisa_2900

Sean's 10th Birthday

Hey there everyone. Today was a pretty good day. Got up this morning and me and Sean made 2 little videos and I put them on youtube. The day went by slow. Leon went and did his plasma this morning. He came home and took a nap, then he went and got the cats there big bag of food at dollar general. Then we got some "afternoon delight"  And after that I checked email and got hired on as another writer this time for $7 for 850 words and $8 for 1000 words way better then the other one that Im working for but I am still doing hers to, just slowly. With the $7-8, he will send me 2-3 topics to write daily by 8am CA time and I will send them back to him before 11pm his time in CA. He told me to do one today and I already did it and sent it back. I enjoyed it. Its worth writing that for that much. I can make a pretty good amount each week woohoo. As far as Paul (the one I was working for doing the Virtual Assistant work) well I quit him, no work and it just sucked. So I am

Enjoy blogging? Get paid for it

Hey there everyone. I have signed up with this site and actually forgot about it until I got an email reminding me about it. So check it out its called Today So just check it out and see what its all about.

Get paid to read emails and click ads (updated)

Good evening everyone. I just wanted to share with you all a few of the GPT (get paid to) things that I do on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I wrote this earlier but it got erased so Im writing again. If you really put just a little of your time and effort into these sites you can make a few extra dollars and these days every extra dollar helps. You can start saving up for the holidays that are coming up really really fast. So check out the links below. Check them out and start making a few dollars. If you like to blog, you can sign up with some sites by clicking on the banners on the right hand side and start making money. All of the things that I list here are always free unless otherwise stated. It just takes a minute to sign up and a few minutes a day to start getting the money to come in. Good luck.. ReadersPond WhaleIntoMail CashCrusader SecretTreasures4All Will be adding and updating daily.. Do you have a business or another site that you would like to advertise? Get

About Family and Friends - JSprik's weblog

Hey there everyone. Lots of people love to blog. So what does blogging do for you? Well it helps get out there to your friends and family what is going on in your life. So instead of e-mailing each of your friends and family and telling them the same thing over and over, you can just go to your blog and tell it all on there and then just send a simple ink in one e-mail to all your family and friends and tell them something like hey if you want to know whats going in my life, check out the link and there ya go. I personally love blogging. I can't believe that I didn't do this sooner then what I have been doing it. My step daughter got me hooked on it when she introduced me to myspace about 2-3 years ago. I can't believe that I didn't know anything about it before then. So get out there and blog about whatever you feel like. The amazing part is that you have the right to say what you want about whatever you want. Reviews on products, writing about what you love, your hobb

Indonesia the culture and life there - Ivy soraya

I have never been to Indonesia but the country sounds intersting. If you want to learn more about it and the ways of the life and culture there you should click on the link above on the title of this blog. There are so many different ways of life and cultures in this world. Sometimes its hard to think about the ways that others live in there world, in there country. For me I don't think about others in other countries and how hard they have it. For us here in the US, I think that we might sometimes take things for granted. Our Freedom and our freedom of speech and things like that, we just do our daily routines of living and working and yet don't think about the way it is in other countries and there lifestyles and there religions and the way they live. Indonesia would be a good place to research and see what things are like there compared to where you live.

Care Bear had kittens a week ago today

Good evening everyone. Our other girl kitty who is now a mama kitty also, had 5 kittens a week from today. She had a really rough and hard time with them. She has 3 now, we lost 2 black ones. She had a black one, calico, and a tan/orange one left. Grey Grey stepped in and helped her out as a mama since she had a hard time they are sisters. Hope that everyone had a good weekend and has a great week ahead.