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Blog Dare - Day 7 - If one store could completely make over my home... it would be.

Well this is an easy and hard one at the same time! One store my first thought was Lowe's but then I thought of my room and would have to say Office Depot or Staples since my room is my office. So I would have to say Lowe's and or Office Depot and then if it was for the whole whole house..hmm I would have to say maybe Target. They have all kinds of things for every room in my house so maybe that would be my answer. I would LOVE to re-decorate faster then I am. I want to do that and start in the living room with the blinds and then the pain or actually vice versa I will do the painting of the walls then do the blinds to match..whichever I already got the new furniture in there and so now its time to do the rest. I really want a porch swing too so doing the front porch up is out there too.

Blog Dare - Day 6 - My wish list...

My wish list has a few things on it and I made one not too long ago but what I am going to share is this.... I wish to be happy and for my kids to be happy young adults. I have been putting myself first a lot more this year then in the past its always been about the kids and everything that they need/want but now that they are growing up and each of them are teens, I have decided to start doing things for me. They are old enough to do things on there own and go get a job (except for my youngest whose just 13 1/2) they are old enough to get what they want and they don't need me there babying them like they use too. I am still there for them 24/7's that will never stop but I am concentrating on me and my happiness and my career and what I want to get out of this life that I haven't gotten yet.....

Another client to work with!

Wow, the list of clients is getting longer and longer this week!! I am so excited to be working with such great people and I have a great team that I am managing as well! I enjoy working from home and helping others do that as well.   And the great thing is that this isn't a "business opportunity" its real legit WORK! Administrative/virtual Assistant work that I do from home and help clients that need things done.   I am so looking forward to building my team even bigger and better. I have great contractors under me now that I manage and I am looking forward to expanding my team in the near future to accommodate all of the clients and work that we have lined up!   So thankful and grateful that I have found such a great company and boss to work for and with! She's pretty awesome as a person and business person/boss.   Have a great Friday everyone, happy the weekend is here once again, time to relax this weekend and enjoy a movie...Mirror Mirror and Hunger

Blog Dare - Day 5 - My secret shopping behavior...

Hmm, well I don't really have a secret shopping behavior...This year I have been loving to order things online more and sick and tired of running clear across town to just stand in line longer then what it took me to run in there and grab what I needed! I hate that the price of gas is skyrocketing and I just don't see the point of getting out and messing with all the traffic and things if I can simply get on a site click a few buttons and be done before the time that it would of taken me to just get to the stores!

Going to find out if my daughter and I have a green thumb...

We are going to be planting Zinnia's and a few other things. Maybe we will have a good looking garden soon   Looking forward to spending time with my daughter.   Lots of seeds to choose from..going to be going out in a few to get stuff to start it.   Have a great rest of the evening.

Blog Dare - Day 4 - The worst Easter candy... ever!

I think that the worst Easter candy ever is the jelly beans!! I guess its because I'm just not in the mood for them but yea thats what I'm thinking is the worst .. and the marshmallow ones..they aren't the greatest either since I Just can't stand the marshmallow taste .. I like marshmallows just not in the candy.

4th day of April already!

Good afternoon everyone. Can you all believe that its already the 4th day of April??! I can't believe it and that Easter is literally around the corner?   My life has been so busy and chaotic lately that I have to just sit and breathe every now and then before I get too overwhelmed with things going on.   I miss the days when my kids were younger and I would take them to the park to do the Easter egg hunts every year. They have been out grown doing that for a few years, but I still miss it. They are all teens now so that is not happening anymore, but they aren't too old to color eggs, I was thinking of doing the coloring thing this year...they like doing crafts and stuff so we might boil a dozen or so eggs for us and do the coloring thing and have fun doing all that.   My oldest son is 19 now and my daughter is going to be 15 in less then 2 weeks!   I am happy with today so far..I took care of things this morning that I had the appointment for and now to continue m

Pisces - Horoscope for today

Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 You are unlikely to encounter any obstacles from others. New acquaintances will be made quickly and effortlessly. If you knowingly take this on board, rewarding friendships can develop and last a long time. Today it seems like there is no problem you couldn't solve. Your good mood and optimism allow you to look assuredly into the future. Just switch off and leave the stresses of everyday life behind you.

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Blog Dare - Day 3 for April - Things I hide around the house so the kids won't find... but I can enjoy.

Things that I hide around the house from the kids...yea I do hide my chocolate but it never fails when I seem to forget about it and want it the most it seems that someone always seems to of gotten into it!! I hide things in different places and still the same thing, someone goes digging and finds it! My bedroom door is going to start being locked even when I'm not in there so NO ONE can go looking for things!

Blog Dare - Day 2 for April - I have something to tell you...

I do have something to tell you all.. I am who I am and I have always been this person, yes I have changed but I believe for the better. Everyone changes at least once in there lives. I don't sugar coat things, I say how I feel when I want to let you know...And I don't like drama!! Never have and never will...I don't start it and don't want to be included in the middle of it for any reason!

Blog Dare - Day 1 for April - Start the month by acknowledging your bloggy comrades! Give A BloggyAward!

Ok since I am not sure how to go about doing this I am going to do it this way, I want to thank each and every one of my followers. I appreciate each of you. Whether you follow me on here and or other sites, I want each of you to know that I truly appreciate each of you following me and that it means a lot to me to have each of you as followers and I will do my best to follow you back as well. I love following :) Have a great 1st day of April.