Blog Dare - Day 7 - If one store could completely make over my home... it would be.

Well this is an easy and hard one at the same time! One store my first thought was Lowe's but then I thought of my room and would have to say Office Depot or Staples since my room is my office. So I would have to say Lowe's and or Office Depot and then if it was for the whole whole house..hmm I would have to say maybe Target. They have all kinds of things for every room in my house so maybe that would be my answer. I would LOVE to re-decorate faster then I am. I want to do that and start in the living room with the blinds and then the pain or actually vice versa I will do the painting of the walls then do the blinds to match..whichever I already got the new furniture in there and so now its time to do the rest. I really want a porch swing too so doing the front porch up is out there too.


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