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Join in the ABC (Autumn Blog Challenge) today!!

Click here to go to the blog that has the prompts and things you want to know about this challenge.

This is an excellent challenge to be a part of. Jump in and be a part of it :)

Enjoying the giveaway posts

I have been updating my blog daily..a lot more then just once daily here lately. I have been joining a lot of the giveaways to share with everyone. I hope that you all enjoy entering the giveaways for all the cool and awesome things that are in the giveaways. I'm trying to keep them going and always putting up a variety of things so its not just beauty or fashion things as well as kids things etc.

I hope that you all have had a great first week of October, mine was a very very long and stressful week but it seems that this whole year has been full of ups and downs.

Looking forward to sharing more blogger opps/giveaways and hopefully soon some reviews with you all.

ABC-October 6 - How would you carve your jack-o-lantern this year? Funny, scary, not at all?

My kids will be in charge of carving the pumpkin. They are all teens and like to help and do silly things with them so I'm sure we will have a mix of happy, scary, weird pumpkins on our porch this year.

Pic for today - sky where I am

My son Chris took this pic. Today its chilly out! Nice cool looking sky and clouds.

Free Blogger Events

I didn't come up with any of these, not hosting them or anything, just sharing the list if you're interested in signing up with any of them.

Here is a round-up of Blogger Events that have FREE sign-ups!! {Scroll down to see the list of Giveaway Hops November Win a Stash – starts 11/1, requires announcement postThe LG Smart Magic Bigscreen Event – starts 11/5, requires announcement postSodaStream – starts 10/20, requires announcement postBarbie Dream Townhouse – starts 10/15, requires announcement postWinter’s Magic Book Blast – starts 11/1Creating Holiday Memories – starts 10/8, requires announcement postUltimate Camera Bag – starts 10/5, requires announcement postDiscount Card – starts ?, requires announcement postLove2EncouageYou Opps – a regularly updated list of Love2EncourageYou’s free oppsBart’s Cookies – starts TBDMom Blog Society Opps – a regularly updated list of Mom Blog Society’s free oppsAAM 10k Fan Celebration – starts 10/22, requires announcement postWinter Wonde…

Holiday Gift Guide Blogger Event

Attached Moms loves quality, eco friendly, cute, fun and function! will be presenting a more practical holiday gift guide, focusing on things that people, need, want, can read, or can wear. Join in this revolution!

The Practical Holiday Gift Guide is hosted byAttachedMomsPitch great, practical items in this gift guide and get new followers!

The event dates: 11/3 - 11/23

BLOGGERS WANTED - SIGN UP HERE! Grab our button here:

PartyLite by Tiffany Ginger Pumpkins Candle Giveaway Announcement

This Giveaways Prize is:   Ginger Pumpkins Tea lights/ Votives (1 Dozen Mixed) Tea lights & Votives in the inviting aroma of a freshly-baked pumpkin delight packed with the right touch of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon - perfect for layering fragrance and creating multiple points of light with our beautiful selection of home accents. Also available in all of PartyLite's exclusive fragrances and featuring our patented Universal tea light cup, tea lights will completely liquefy while burning. Tea light cup is recyclable. Burn Time: 4-6 hours and votives 8-10 hours. Enter the giveaway below.  This is also fragrance of the month and can be ordered at a 25% discount on the Partylite by Tiffany Website.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This goes live 10/21 and ends 11/11

$100 Target Gift Card Announcement

FREE Blogger Opp! Thanks to Tailor Made Momma there is another amazing opportunity for FREE blogger opp with TWO free links this month! Sign ups will close on Friday October 12th at 8pm EST.  This is a Free event with the only requirement being that you post about this event and include the below button code in your post!  This gets you TWO free links (facebook, twitter or pinterest only).  Please be sure to join our Facebook Group.
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Winter Wonder Week Announcement

Winter Wonder Week is a week-long event to celebrate the Winter Holidays with lots of prizes & gain followers at the same time! This is our 2nd year hosting Winter Wonder Week, and last year was awesome (this year will be even better!) There will be 4 prize pack giveaways and a Grand Prize (Cash collected when signing up – final total to be announced) for a total of 5 prize packs. Winter Wonder Week will from December 8 – 15 and be heavily promoted. All giveaway posts need to be live no later than 3 p.m. on December 8th. Why Participate? Increase Your Exposure/Gain new followersMeet other great bloggers and make new friends.It will be fun! You’ll see an increase in traffic as well since we have something unique that other group giveaways don’t…the hidden elf! Each day 5 blogs will be given an image to host on their blog – entrants are encouraged to hop through the linky to find those images for bonus entries!We’re doing the hard work for you – you just need to create a blog post f…

Bloggy Watch Want Christmas Giveaway Announcement

Calling all bloggers, Sign up for the Bloggy Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway!
Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog,Dishin With Rebelle and There’s a Contest 4 That Bring you the Bloggy Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway!
You’re not going to want to miss this awesome event!  Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog has an awesome event in the works for Christmas, hurry and get a spot, the good ones will fill up quickly!

About the event:
$250 Prize, whatever winner chooses (shipping included)$50 Amazon Gift CodeMore to comeFREE Facebook Link$3 additional links, we want to bring more to the event so we bumped it up $1!Event will run from November 10th until December 10th.Everyone will get comments$10 Co-Host available
These events are always awesome, everyone gets TONS OF COMMENTS!  Our readers love them, which is the reason we want to bring another fabulous event their way!  So don’t miss out on this awesome blogger opportunity!

Remember, if you want the FREE Facebook link for this Super Bloggy Giveaway you have to post an Anno…

LG Smart Magic Bigscreen Announcement

The LG Smart Magic Bigscreen Event is hosted byMom Powered Media.Prize: LG 42" Smart 1080p Edge-Lit LED HDTV with Wi-Fi and Magic Remote The event dates: 11/5 - 11/26 Free Event ~ Sign-Up Here – Bloggers Wanted LG Smart Magic Bigscreen Event

Give Thanks Announcement for Giveaway!

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Event is hosted by Mom Blog Society.Prize: Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick Cookware Set, 10-Piece The event dates: 10/31 - 11/14 Free Event ~ Sign-Up Here

AATM Announcement Post - $50 paypal cash!

All About the Mommies is celebrating their 10,000 Facebook fans and new website launch! To show appreciation to all of our great fans, we're going to have a $50 Paypal Cash Giveaway! Or maybe more?!?! Blogger sign ups are starting now! Here are the details:
Bloggers get one free link (Facebook or Twitter) for posting an announcement post about the sign ups or you may pay $5 if you do not wish to publish. Here is a link to a pre-written announcement post for you to use: may purchase additional links for $2 each. Links include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reclip.It, RSS/Email, and Picket Fence.Co-host spots are available. The co-host fee is $20. You get a backlink on all participating bloggers websites plus 2 additional free links on the RC ~ so 3 free links total!Page host spots are also available. The page host spot fee is $5. You will host a page (not a blog post) with a list of the follows.…

Barbie Dream Townhouse Announcement!!

The Barbie Dream Townhouse Event is hosted byMom to Bed by 8.Prize: Barbie Dream Townhouse The event dates: 10/15 - 10/30 Free Event ~ Sign-Up Here – Bloggers Wanted Barbie Dream Townhouse Event

Step2 Lifestyle Kitchen Giveaway Announcement

I am participating in the FREE LifeStyle Legacy Kitchen giveaway event hosted by Real Mom Reviews. One super lucky reader will win a Step2 LifeStyle Legacy KitchenCost: Free with announcement post or 3.00 with out. Giveaway Open to: US only. The event dates: October 8th-October 30th. Free Link Option: Facebook Optional Paid Link Options: $2.00 for Twitter or Pinterest To sign up for this event click here.

Mommy Must Haves Blogger Entries

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Attached Moms loves quality, eco friendly, cute, fun and function! will be presenting some great items and giving away prizes as well! 

The Mommy Must Have Blogger Review and Giveaway is hosted byAttachedMomsMultiple prizes ... all great must have items! The event dates: 10/7 - 10/31


Today's pic from my home sky


Don't forget to enter for the Scentsy Plug-in Warmer Giveaway

Don't forget to enter this giveaway for the Scentsy Plug-in Warmer. It ends on 10/13 so get your entries in now!!

Have a great weekend!

ABC-Oct 5 - Write about your favorite play or concert you've attended.

My most favorite concert I went too was on my 30th birthday 9 years ago. It was on the evening that the crap in Iraq started. March 19th ... I had gotten tickets for me and one of my best friends Brian to go see our favorite band...Bon Jovi.  He had hurt his foot/ankle that week at work before the concert but he was a great friend and still came and got me and drove us to the concert. We were hanging outside before it started and before getting in line and there was this lady that came up to us and asked if we wanted bracelets (I'm guessing she said that to us because Brian was on crutches!!) Well Brian said No because we didn't know what it was for and he didn't want to miss the opening act The Goo Goo Dolls. I believe it was...well come to find out later on...those bracelets were given to a select few that .... You will never guess this!!!! The ones with bracelets got to go ON STAGE and sit there on stage while Bon Jovi played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep a…

Weather weekend here

Weekend Forecast Updated: Oct 5, 2012, 5:07pm CDT TonightOct 5 72°FObserved High12:05 am 45°F Mostly Cloudy / Wind CHANCE OF RAIN:20%WIND:NNE at 18 mph SatOct 6 52° 41° Few Showers CHANCE OF RAIN:30%WIND:NNE at 14 mph SunOct 7 62° 44° Partly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN:0%WIND:NNE at 9 mph

Pic of the day - sky


ABC-October 4 - Tell the story of your first time on a hayride, in a corn maze, in a haunted house, etc

Its been a long time ago since my first haunted house. I don't remember it that well but I'm pretty sure it was with my cousins. Wasn't anything that great fun or exciting..just a haunted house that one of there friends had done at the parents house which they did every year and we went to it. I don't like the scary scary things, I like Halloween just not the icky part of it! I cant do without the blood and gore costumes etc. I like the witch costumes and things like that and a little bit of scariness like being a mummy or zombie or vampire is ok just not icky like Friday the 13th or other things like that.

Looking forward to doing more reviews

I am looking forward to doing more reviews on things in the near future. I love reviewing both services and products and giving my opinions about things. I use to do it more then I have recently so I am looking forward to the upcoming reviews of items. I am very excited and looking forward to doing a lot more.

Giveaway for an e-book and artwork ends soon!!

Get in now and get your entry in to win an e-book and artwork before this give away ends. Enter here

Watch the debate here live online

Here's the link to one of many I'm sure ways to watch the debate tonight online live and free

Daily pic here at home

I'm going to post daily a pic of the beautiful sky/clouds here at home :)

I have taken some pics and my son Christopher also loves taking pics of the sky/clouds.

Casual Outfit

I think that this is a really cute looking outfit and it looks comfortable to go out in for everyday things. What kinds of outfits do you like to wear? Dresses/skirts etc. I don't wear dresses or skirts...haven't bought either in years but I have thought about changing and trying something new ... I have long legs so I am thinking about showing them off maybe in the spring on my trip to Rome for my 40th birthday

ABC-Day 33- Scariest movie I've ever seen

Well considering that I absolutely hate and can't stand really scary movies..hmm I don't remember! I watched one with one of my best friends Lori but that was years and years ago and I don't remember which one it was...I think maybe the Texas Chainsaw one? Not positive though..either way I don't like scary movies..I might watch one if I had someone to grab ahold of and hide my head into!! LOL

First debate on tonight, will you be tuning in?

So the first presidential debate is on tonight..will you be tuning into watch it? I probably will...not sure if I will stay for the whole thing or get frustrated and turn it off after a few minutes! I still can't believe that the election is so close around the corner!

Just My Size, up to 30% off!!

There is a sale going on where you can get up to 30% off!!! Check it out today!! Lots of great things for the upcoming holidays :) Valid through 10/9/12!! So take the time to look and see what they have and get it while the offer is good :)