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Learning Resources Giveaway

Welcome to Learning Resources Primary Science Plant & Grow Set Sponsored by: Learning Resources Hosted by: Gloriously Green Gal, Savory Savings & Mama In The Middle
Are you looking for a way to engage your kiddos in something that is fun AND educational?  How about planting a love of science?  And what if it also helped them love vegetables?  Krista, writer of Gloriously Green Gal and Savory Savings, recently had the chance to review the Primary Science Plant & Grow Set from Learning Resources and thinks that this amazing kit is helping hook her girls on all things science – not to mention how excited they are to eat their vegetables that they helped grow!  Learning Resources offers a large variety of toys and educational products that will have toddlers and big kids having so much fun they won’t know they are building a lifelong love of math, science and more!

Would you like to win the Primary Science Plant & Grow Set from Learning Resources to help your kids gr…

Freshly Picked Moccs Giveaway Event!

One winner will win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins in their choice of color and size!  These moccasins are available in sizes 1 - 10. 

Read Mami's 3 Little Monkeys review here.
What a cute giveaway!! Good luck to everyone that enters this cool giveaway!!
Giveaway is open to US residents whom are at least 18 years of age at the time of entrance and it will end at 11:59pm CST on January 18th, 2014. For your chance to win, simply complete entries in the Giveaway Tools form below. Winner's entries will be verified, winner will be emailed and will have 48hrs in which to respond or a new winner will be chosen. 

Good Luck to everyone that enters this cute giveaway!! I just love the items in the pics! Too cute!!
Disclosure: Lisa-Queen of Random was not compensated for this post nor am I responsible for the fulfillment of the prize. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

I hear that from my teens!! LOL..Yeah, Yeah, Yeah or find myself sometimes saying that to my teens as well!!
And from some others I hear them saying that as if they don't know what is going on but, they act like they do so that I say to them "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'
Have a great 2014!

Winter Wonderland $100 Petco Giftcard

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland $100 Petco Gift Card Giveaway sponsored by the Intimated and hosted by The Parenting Patch!

 Pamper your pets this winter with a $100 gift card to Petco! One (1) lucky reader of The Parenting Patch and Intimated will win one (1) $100 gift card to Petco.

To enter for your chance to win the Winter Wonderland $100 Petco Gift Card Giveaway, simply use the following Rafflecopter form.

What a great giveaway to enter for those of us that love our pets like family and want to get them something for the holidays too :) Good luck to everyone that enters!!

Good luck!

Happy New Year!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Winter Wonderland $100 Petco Gift Card Giveaway is open worldwide. An international winner will receive $100 via PayPal in lieu of the specified prize.

 The Winter Wonderland $100 Petco Gift Card Giveaway ends at midnight CST on January 18, 2014. One winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

The winner will be sent an email and will have forty-ei…

Just don't do it...

Just don't do it...hold a grudge. It's just not a good thing to do and you will eventually get over it and forget about it. Is it really worth it to continue holding onto something that makes you angry or upset? I don't think that its healthy to keep a hold of the feelings like that. It's so much easier to stay positive and just let some things go. And then that makes you the better person as well for not continuing on with the mad or upset thoughts.
I have had to go through A LOT in the last 2 years and to start off this new year..I wrote a letter to the person that I was holding grudges against for a lot of things that he's done and I wrote him a 9 page letter and just let it out and told him that I won't be holding any grudges and I forgive him for all that he's done. Not saying that I didn't do wrong as well, I know I did and admitted that. But I wanted him to know that I have forgave him...I won't forget some of the things from time to time they…

RIP James Avery (Uncle Phil)

I woke up this morning to the saddening news of James Avery passing. I absolutely LOVED watching Fresh Prince on Nick at Nite...I would watch every episode at least a million times not caring if I had seen it a billion times before or not...RIP will always be loved and missed dearly!!

In Memory Of James Avery                                                               Gone But Never Forgotten 
                                                   November 27, 1948 ~ December 31, 2013

Almost there...

I am almost there in fulfilling what I want out of my life. I am now a free and single mom, that is the one goal that I loved that happened last year.

I made the choice to get out of a bad situation. Yes I understand not everyone agrees with the decision that I made but, I feel and still feel that it was the right one and I would do it again if I had too.

I am almost there in making myself a whole person again. Its taking me time to get to where I am with myself and to see that being a mom isn't all that I am. I am a woman that needs to do things for me as well. And especially since my kids are now all teens and they don't have to have me 24/7's as much that its okay for me to do things for me and to get myself things once in awhile..

So I am almost there in a lot of ways and I like that I am growing and understanding the person that I am and living life to the fullest.

Have a great 2014!!

Blog Op - My Chickadee mini carrier

Your little ones can "wear" their stuffed animals or dolls in a mini baby carrier just like mommy and maybe even daddy do with them and/or their siblings! 
Prize - My Chickadee - Mini Carrier Dates: January 15th - January 29th
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Blog Op: Wall Artsy Giveaway


Happy New Year from Queen of Random :)

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!
Thank you for stopping by and showing my blog love, its very much appreciated!!

Blog Op: Freshly Picked Giveaway

Freshly Picked Moccs of Winner's Choice! Available in an array of styles and colors and come in baby and toddler shoe sizes 1-10.  All Freshly Picked Moccs are valued at $60.  They are made with 100% Genuine Leather in the USA.
Giveaway Details: Winner's Choice $60ARV This giveaway will be open to US residents only.. Will run from January 4th through January 18th. 
Bloggers!  -2 Free links w/announcement post or pay small fee. -Additional links available for a small fee. 
Grab Announcement Post HTML HERE.
Co-Host Spots: I will only open Co-Host Spots if we have at least 20 blogs who sign up. Remember the more we share the sign-up, the more bloggers will see it and sign-up. We need more bloggers to sign-up so that we can all benefit from the additional exposure. 

**Was referred by: Lisa-Queen of Random if asked**

My goals and resolutions for 2014

This year my goals are to be a better person. I have grown so much in so many ways in the past year and I want to continue concentrating on me and becoming even a better person.

I am getting more involved in my blog. I want to join events and get out there and actually socialize by going to an event. I just have to decide which ones I want to attend. So my options are open for that. I want to try and go to more than one..I'm thinking maybe one in the spring and then one in the fall or something. But my goal is to definitely attend one.

Another goal of mine is to take the courses to get my Real Estate License and get my license as an Agent/Broker. I love to work in the RE field so much and I figure if I can get a license I can make more money so that would be good for me.

I want to take more road trips this year and in doing that I need to upgrade my camera and take awesome pics and share on my social media sties.

I am loving life and where I am right now, now if I just had a special s…

Amber for Babies

Welcome to the Amber Teething Necklace Giveaway! Sponsored by: Amber for Babies Hosted by: Gloriously Green Gal & Savory Savings

Baltic Amber has been long used for pain relief, most commonly in America as a soothing mechanism for infants and toddlers that are teething.  These necklaces made from the Baltic Amber are not for chewing on as the name might suggest, but provide relief from the interaction of the amber and your body’s natural warmth.  This interaction causes a release of an oil with healing properties, succinic acid.

Krista from Gloriously Green Gal and Savory Savings checked out the amber necklace with her daughter who recently had a flu with muscle soreness and definitely saw a difference!  Check out her full amber necklace review to get the scoop!

If you would like to win one of these necklaces from Amber for Babies, enter with the Giveaway Tool below.   This is limited to US residents only, ages 18 and older.   The giveaway will run from December 31, 2013 throu…

GlobeIn Sub Box Giveaway

Welcome to the GlobeIn 3-month Subscription Box Giveaway! Sponsored by: GlobeIn Hosted by: Gloriously Green Gal and Savory Savings
At every corner of the Earth, there are artisans of all kinds – making beautiful products for your home and for you in the form of clothing, jewelry and more.  While we have become accustomed to jumping online and ordering pretty much anything we want, what about the artists that do not have access to the internet or ability to run an online shop?  Often times, these wares are even more beautiful than what we have immediate access to, but just do not know it exists.  GlobeIn is an online marketplace with the intent to bring those artisans to the worldwide marketplace.  When you visit GlobeIn, you learn the stories of the artisans, their work and their culture.  So not only do you get unique jewelry or homegoods, but you also get the unique experience of the artist.  In addition to being able to purchase individual pieces for sale, you can also sign up fo…

Hasbro's Funny or Die Game Giveaway

Welcome to the Hasbro’s Funny or Die game Giveaway! Sponsored by: Hasbro Hosted by: Gloriously Green Gal and Savory Savings Co-hosted by: Keeping Your Cents
You always see a lot of talk about Family Game Nights, and Krista who writes both Gloriously Green Gal and Savory Savings is a HUGE fan from those, however, what about the nights when the adults want to play and have fun?  Maybe something slightly more entertaining and thought provoking than chasing an electronic monkey to throw rings on its tail (props to Chasin’ Cheeky – every time we have that game out the kids go CRAZY!).  With that in mind, she was really excited to check out one of Hasbro’s newest additions to their 13 and older range of games, Funny or Die, a hysterical version of the video site in game form for your gaming pleasure!  Be sure to check out her full review and the fun the grownups had having an adult game night while the kiddos watched a movie about unicorns.

Good luck to everyone that enters this cool gi…