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ABC-Day 22- List three things that are important to you.

Three important things to me... - All four of my children first and foremost, they are above and beyond anything in this world. I have raised four wonderful teenagers. They have there moments as all teens do but they are great kids and just a normal handful like any teen is. They are growing up and into nice gentlemen and a nice young lady. - My friends are important to me. I have had some of them longer then my children!! LOL And we still stay in touch which I think is awesome that they are here for me now just like they were back there in high school or middle school. I'm still there for them at any minute that they need me as well. So very thankful and blessed to have such wonderful caring loving friends in my life. - hmm the 3rd important thing to me....Music..I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing without having music to listen too. I'm not musically talented in any way lol unless you count singing on Guitar Hero or one of those games!! LOL I can'

My review of Torchlight 2

This is my review for the game Torchlight 2 by Runic Games. I played it today and I liked it. I thought that it was cool in a few different ways. In the beginning where you pick what class you want to be and what your character looks like, ok they could of done a litle better with the choices of face etc but that isn't a big deal. Sometimes games give you tons of looks and then it takes 10 minutes just to get her looking the way you want her too..or him. Also at the beginning you get to choose a pet and wow they have s ome pretty good choices of pets to choose from. I love that you get to have pets, they come in handy not only fighting but to send them to town in the midst of your adventuring and they also made it now to where you can have a shopping listi for the necessities like the health and mana positions and two scrolls. I would suggest if you like the first one then I would definitely suggest at least playing the demo since they were nice enough to let us dow

ABC-Day 21- If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

If I could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Well I am going to say Italy..anywhere in Italy. I am going to Rome for my 40th birthday and can't wait!! I love everything about Italy. I love all the historical things that I will be able to see in person. I love it because its somewhere out of this country. It will be my first time, other then going to Canada in my younger teen years, going out of the US.

Weekend Weather

Weekend Forecast Updated: Sep 21, 2012, 6:13am CDT Today Sep 21 96 °F 63 °F Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: SW at 13 mph Sat Sep 22 94 ° 60 ° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: ESE at 10 mph Sun Sep 23 87 ° 62 ° Partly Cloudy CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: E at 11 mph

Fw: Melissa Peterman(@Followtheblonde) replied to one of your Tweets!

This is SO cool!! Love ya Melissa!! Thank you for making my day!! -------Original Message------- From: Twitter Date: 09/20/12 21:03:32 To: Lisa2900 Subject: Melissa Peterman(@Followtheblonde) replied to one of your Tweets! @Lisa2900 Thanks Lisa!!! Have a wonderful weekend yourself! - @Followtheblonde       Lisa2900, Your Tweet got a reply!   Lisa2900 @Lisa2900 20 Sep @Followtheblonde Hi, just wanted to say that I hope you have a great evening and upcoming weekend, big fan of yours xoxo Lisa Melissa Peterman @Followtheblonde @Lisa2900 Thanks Lisa!!! Have a wonderful weekend yourself! 04:30 PM - 20 Sep 12

ABC-Day 20- If you were trapped on a desert island, what are three items you would take with you?

Hmm, three items that I would take with me...well paper and pen for sure since I'm assuming lol that there won't be electricity or net to keep my laptop charged! I would take my laptop anyway, my camera and paper and pen..hmm I don't think that those things are going to help me survive...well I don't know they might..I have to write or type to get things off of my mind and chest so yea maybe they would help me survive! LOL..   Sometimes I would love to be out in the middle of nowhere on a desert island!

Torchlight 2 released!

So today is the release date for Torchlight you care? Are you going to play it? Did you buy it or are you going to try the demo?   It sounds pretty cool and especially if you like the first one and I like it because its only $20 and not $60 like some of the more recent games that have released.   Comment and let me know how you like it if you have tried it or are planning too.

Bidding on jobs to do at home

   Are you interested in working at home but you're afraid of all the scams and the ads that sound "too good to be true" because they are?? I have been working here at home for over 12 years doing a variety of work. I do mostly customer service and also virtual assistant (va) work. There are plenty of sites where you can bid on the jobs that you want to do from home and they don't cost you a thing to bid on. You are bidding on what the price per hour you will do the work or the fixed price that you will get the job done. I am a stay at home mom but also a work at home mom that has taken care of a family of 6 just from being a customer service rep here at home. I have worked for and other smaller companies. I enjoy doing this work from my home office because its legit companies and legit work and you can make good money. Just remember, it is a job. Even though your working from home that doesn't mean that you just

From nice cool temps to low 90s

5 Day Forecast Updated: Sep 20, 2012, 11:06am CDT Today Sep 20 93 °F 63 °F Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: SSW at 13 mph Details Fri Sep 21 94 ° 61 ° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 10%   WIND: SW at 14 mph Details Sat Sep 22 92 ° 60 ° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: N at 11 mph Details Sun Sep 23 82 ° 62 ° Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: ENE at 8 mph Details Mon Sep 24 84 ° 65 ° Mostly Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: SSE at 9 mph

Autumn Blog Challenge :)

Hey there everyone, I just joined this awesome Autumn Blog Challenge. Click on the banner below if you would like to join in :)

ABC-Day 18-What was the most profound thing to happen in your life today?

Not a darn thing!! Today was a boring day!! Could of said this for Saturday and I would of said going to the concert and then to the bar for the first time ever in my life!!

ABC-Day 17-What did/do you want to be when you grew/grow up?

I wanted to be a teacher and a mom. I've always liked school and always wanted to be a teacher. I didn't take it that far once I turned an adult but I respect and admire all the ones that have taken it that far and are teachers and care about there job and what they do and helping others.

Alan Jackson concert was awesome!

So we went to the concert and had a fantastic time. Brian got right up there by the stage, first 4 people away and then 2..came really close to getting an autograph but didn't darn it! So I wanted to share a couple of pics that we took at the concert. If you haven't seen Alan Jackson in concert and your a big fan, I would definitely go see him, its well worth the money for the tickets!!

ABC-Day 16-- Do you think we've made our lives more complicated by trying to make thing more convenient?

Yes I think that we've made our lives more complicated trying to make things more convenient. Now we rely  on the net for everything. Even schools are going from books to netbooks now. My kids schools are. They are still transitioning into it but they are doing it. I think that its more complicated in ways because they are still using and wanting the notebooks and things to write on but yet they are using netbooks too and then they are wanting more things for us to buy, more expensive things rather then just the paper and pencils they are wanting us to buy the mouse, headphones and so forth for the netbooks and yet that is making it more complicated for us when school things add up to a lot as it is and now all this added onto the list.  I love having the convenience of the internet and today's technology but these days I see young kids with ipads and such in there hands instead of books. Its sad really how convenient we are making things to where the Encyclopedias are going