ABC-Day 16-- Do you think we've made our lives more complicated by trying to make thing more convenient?

Yes I think that we've made our lives more complicated trying to make things more convenient. Now we rely  on the net for everything. Even schools are going from books to netbooks now. My kids schools are. They are still transitioning into it but they are doing it. I think that its more complicated in ways because they are still using and wanting the notebooks and things to write on but yet they are using netbooks too and then they are wanting more things for us to buy, more expensive things rather then just the paper and pencils they are wanting us to buy the mouse, headphones and so forth for the netbooks and yet that is making it more complicated for us when school things add up to a lot as it is and now all this added onto the list. 

I love having the convenience of the internet and today's technology but these days I see young kids with ipads and such in there hands instead of books. Its sad really how convenient we are making things to where the Encyclopedias are going out of print because no one is buying them when everything is on the net.


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