My review of Torchlight 2

This is my review for the game Torchlight 2 by Runic Games. I played it today and I liked it. I thought that it was cool in a few different ways.

In the beginning where you pick what class you want to be and what your character looks like, ok they could of done a litle better with the choices of face etc but that isn't a big deal. Sometimes games give you tons of looks and then it takes 10 minutes just to get her looking the way you want her too..or him.

Also at the beginning you get to choose a pet and wow they have s ome pretty good choices of pets to choose from. I love that you get to have pets, they come in handy not only fighting but to send them to town in the midst of your adventuring and they also made it now to where you can have a shopping listi for the necessities like the health and mana positions and two scrolls.

I would suggest if you like the first one then I would definitely suggest at least playing the demo since they were nice enough to let us download it and play the first act. I think it's a great choice to play the demo first and see that you like it although its only $20 and not $60 like some of the other games coming out.

I enjoyed the game very much. Just in the little time that I played I am a level 8 I believe. And I look forward to continuing on my adventure later on this evening and possibly this weekend and getting to a higher level. Enjoy!! Highly recommend it.




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