ABC-Day 22- List three things that are important to you.

Three important things to me...
- All four of my children first and foremost, they are above and beyond anything in this world. I have raised four wonderful teenagers. They have there moments as all teens do but they are great kids and just a normal handful like any teen is. They are growing up and into nice gentlemen and a nice young lady.
- My friends are important to me. I have had some of them longer then my children!! LOL And we still stay in touch which I think is awesome that they are here for me now just like they were back there in high school or middle school. I'm still there for them at any minute that they need me as well. So very thankful and blessed to have such wonderful caring loving friends in my life.
- hmm the 3rd important thing to me....Music..I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing without having music to listen too. I'm not musically talented in any way lol unless you count singing on Guitar Hero or one of those games!! LOL I can't seem to get much done without listening to music and I am thankful to be able to listen to music and it gets me through rough times and good times in my life.


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