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Blog Dare - Day 11 in Feb. - Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear....I think that the one biggest fear that I have overcome is standing up for myself. I have been in a family that has done nothing since I can remember is put me down no matter what I have said or done, gone to college, got married, been married for 17 years, tackled some marriage issues and raised 4 great teenagers. I have stood up to my family in more ways then one and have taken up for myself and they now know that if they have something to say that they better not say it behind my back and better come say it to me and if they do and its wrong and disrespectful to me and they do it in front of my children they will lose the right to visit my kids until they apologize and say something nice or as the saying goes "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!!" And that is now the rule for my flipping family!

Blog Dare - Day 10 in Feb. - I thought I would hate...

I thought that I would hate..hmm not sure..I thought I would hate for my kids to grow up and turn into teens but I don't. I don't like that time has seem to fly by and it just keeps moving by faster and faster as each day comes and goes they get a day older. But I am very very proud of the young adults that I have raised. I believe that I have done a great job with the four teens that are turning into great adults. I think that considering how some teenagers are, I have raised my children right and they know that they are cared about and loved more then anything in the world by me.

Blog Dare - Day 9 in Feb - A place in my past that felt like home

My grandparents home is the only place that really felt like home. I wanted to stay there constantly. It was way better there then it was in my actual home back then in my past.

Blog Dare - Day 8 for Feb - My Volunteer Work

Its sad but I don't volunteer that is something that I am going to look into but for the moment I don't volunteer. I would love to volunteer at a few different places just haven't taken the time to check into them.

Weather for today...brrr!

Today Tonight Tomorrow Cloudy Mostly Sunny Mostly Clear Partly Cloudy 41°F 51° 31° 55° Feels Like:  37° Get FREE weather on your desktop High Low High Past 24-hr: Precip:  0 in Snow:  0 in Chance of Rain: 10% Chance of Precip: 10% Chance of Rain: 10% Wind: From NW at 6mph Wind: N at 11 mph Wind: NNE at 5 mph Wind: SE at 8 mph Through 1pm: Decreasing clouds with temperatures rising towards the mid 40s. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph. A mix of clouds and sun. High 51F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph. A few passing clouds, otherwise generally clear. Low 31F. Winds light and variable. Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High near 55F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.

Weather here in SE Oklahoma

Hourly Forecast      more details 6 am 38°F Feels Like 32°F 9 am 38°F Feels Like 31°F 12 pm 45°F Feels Like 40°F 3 pm 50°F Feels Like 47°F 6 pm 46°F Feels Like 44°F 9 pm 40°F Feels Like 37°F Day Night Sunny High 52°F Precip 0% Wind: From N at 11 mph Humidity: 73% UV Index: 4 Moderate Sunrise: 7:18 AM CT Avg. High: 56°F Record High: 78°F (1962) Clear Overnight Low 31°F Precip 0% Wind: From NNE at 5 mph Humidity: 85%       Sunset: 6:02 PM CT Avg. Low: 31°F Record Low: 0°F (1933)

Blog Hops Everyday!!

Hey there everyone, I found this awesome blog site that has a ton of blog hops on it for everyday of the week!! Love it!! I was wanting something like this to do and I found one!! YAY! So if your looking for more blog hops to be a part of please join in by clicking the button at the top of this blog :) Have a great rest of the week everyone and enjoy all the blog hops!! I know I will!!!

Time for Sharing Tuesday :)

Hi everyone, I came across this great blog and found a blog hop for all of the blog hoppers out there that might want to join in :) So here is the link , join in before its too late!! :) Join the Time for Sharing Tuesday blog hop.

Wanting or rather needing to find ways to save $$$

I want to get more involved with my blogs and those that I read and want to get involved with the blog hops that are going on and the other things that people come up with that are going on for each day of the the wordless Wednesday or the Not so Moody Monday or any of the other cool ones that are floating around out there...they all sound pretty cool and I want to get to where I join them and have them each day of the week and also want to get into saving...saving on things is a great way to put money back for other things. I am not too sure yet if I want to get into the coupon world..I know that you can save a lot, my mom use to do it and I was the one that cut them and put them in there categories etc and she's the one that would use a ton of them!   I am thinking about doing that. I want to change the way that I shop and get things. I have found that I end up getting things and then come to find out a week later or whatever that the item that I bo

Blog Dare - Day 6 - A tough decision

Blog Dare - Day 6 - A tough decision I have had to make many tough decisions in my life and am still making them seems like daily so far this year. My main tough decision is whether or not to remain married or to divorce. I don't like the idea of the divorce but if things happen and your not happy and feelings and things don't change after a while should you just keep living that life that you have lived for so long or end it? That is a tough decision that I am going through right now. I wasn't brought into this marriage as 100% in love with the person that I married and I am thinking that after 17 years that I deserve to live life the way that I want to from here on out and what isn't fair is that he's not wanting me to do that. He's wanting to work it out, wanting to keep trying wanting to not give up and wanting to keep going and living....that's his wants..what about mine? What about my wanting of me to be happy and my children to

I got re-hired back!! YAY!

So I had wrote my boss that had laid me off back in Oct or so and she had told me then that in the new year she would see what she could do. Well I emailed her the other day and she said that she wants me back as her assistant not for the company but for her! Yes!! So I am getting my old job back somewhat...I won't be paid a set amount like last time with the company, I will be paid on per application that I process etc. So that is fine with me!! I can't wait..excited about it still and this way maybe I can make extra good money instead of just so much per week etc. Which kind of sucked but it was this time I am working Mon-Fri 10am-3pm so that way I can answer calls call people get work done but I will have morning to get my errands done and I will have the afternoon/evenings with kids after they get home. Soon I will be doing my ATT training so that will be good too.   Just completed the background check for ATT/Arise so that is done and com

Blog Dare - Day 5 - Words people use incorrectly

Blog Dare - Feb. Day 5 - Words people use incorrectly..not to sure of any right now at this moment..hmm might think of something later on but right now my mind is blank...