I got re-hired back!! YAY!

So I had wrote my boss that had laid me off back in Oct or so and she had told me then that in the new year she would see what she could do. Well I emailed her the other day and she said that she wants me back as her assistant not for the company but for her! Yes!! So I am getting my old job back somewhat...I won't be paid a set amount like last time with the company, I will be paid on per application that I process etc. So that is fine with me!! I can't wait..excited about it still and this way maybe I can make extra good money instead of just so much per week etc. Which kind of sucked but it was money..so this time I am working Mon-Fri 10am-3pm so that way I can answer calls call people get work done but I will have morning to get my errands done and I will have the afternoon/evenings with kids after they get home. Soon I will be doing my ATT training so that will be good too.
Just completed the background check for ATT/Arise so that is done and complete which I did it before so it was quick..so now I am trying to move on to the next steps but unfortunately I have already done the class too so they have to fix that so that I can continue on. I took the course that is self paced that you have to do but I already did it so I hope that they fix that and let me move forward soon!
I might just wait until I get back from vacation until I start the training in April...I would really hate to be on vacation and have to worry about going back to my room to do the training!! NO FUN! So I might just wait..depends if it will be done by the time I got on my trip..


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