Wanting or rather needing to find ways to save $$$

I want to get more involved with my blogs and those that I read and want to get involved with the blog hops that are going on and the other things that people come up with that are going on for each day of the week...like the wordless Wednesday or the Not so Moody Monday or any of the other cool ones that are floating around out there...they all sound pretty cool and I want to get to where I join them and have them each day of the week and also want to get into saving...saving on things is a great way to put money back for other things. I am not too sure yet if I want to get into the coupon world..I know that you can save a lot, my mom use to do it and I was the one that cut them and put them in there categories etc and she's the one that would use a ton of them!
I am thinking about doing that. I want to change the way that I shop and get things. I have found that I end up getting things and then come to find out a week later or whatever that the item that I bought was on sale! I hate that!! I am considering planning out things by ads of things that are on sale and oh I love buying things that are on clearance!! I have bought so many great Christmas items for this upcoming CHristmas that cost me just a few dollars!! I love doing that. I need to find more ways to save like that and then stick with it.
Like should I shop on a weekly basis or monthly? Should I go to several stores or stick to one for the bulk of the things that I want/need? Should I go to places like Sams Club or stick with the other stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Save-A Lot etc...any tips would be great. I am learning new things everyday and would love to continue to learn and then try things and stick with it if they prove to work.
I saw earlier tonight a great blog about keeping the monthly bills in order without digging through a pile just to find one! Yep that is what I find myself doing!! Digging through a pile on my desk to find one of them. I think that I am going to do what she suggested and make a notebook of bills and then just put in the pages of calandars so it says when everything is due and how much etc and then go from there. 


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