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Blog Dare - How I use social media.

Are you constantly checking your Twitter feed?  Updating your Facebook status?  Writing another blog post?  Do you use it to market or meet other people? I use to get on Twitter and check it and update it all the time, I have slowed down lately. Facebook..I am completely addicted too and love updating my status on it. Yes I write other blog post and I do it for both business and to meet others.

An absolute OUTRAGE!!!!!!

I can not freaking believe what this country has come too!!! This is more then an outrage this is just insane!!!! Where are the parents of these kids and WHY ... better yet WHERE did the kids even become aware of such things?????!!!!!! Here is the article... read for yourself!!! *Edit and this is WHY I am seriously considering HOMESCHOOLING!!!!! Another reason! Its just crazy!!!!

RIP Minnie Mouse

Our kitten that was about a year old, died in her sleep this morning about 5:45. She was cuddled up with me as always...she had been weak last night but she had been that way before when she first got her cold...She was a very sweet and precious kitten and loved giving nose kisses She was a grey calico, beautiful baby girl and liked to catch mice here in the house and that's where I gave her the name Minnie mouse because she was a little girl but she started catching mice at a young age. She's a beautiful baby girl that we will always love and remember.

January flying by!!

I swear it seems as though January is just flying by..already! I mean heck next weekend is the last weekend in January already! Its crazy how time flies by.   Its been a pretty good month though considering! I hate the cold! Can't stand it and am literally counting the days down until Spring! I like the 60's and 70s weather .. Not to hot and not too cold.   We got our state taxes back yesterday. We had a good time :) I bought the kids Sims 3 for the wii and all of them love it and I let my oldest son pick out a few games for his self since he isn't too much into the sims like the other kids are. Hubby wanted to get a psp and games and then still get a laptop next week? What the hell is up with that? Why does he seem to think that he needs more then the kids and why is it that he seems to think that he even freaking deserves it?! He's lucky if he gets a laptop at all and he's not getting a brand new one..out of the question! I went to the pawn shop and looke

Blog Dare - What I fear most for my child{ren}.

Looking ahead what do you fear most for your child{ren}?  I fear that I will leave my kids too soon. I love them and want the world for them.

American Idol Auditions

So I don't know about the rest of you, but I was wondering if Steven and J. Lo would be as good as I thought that Paula and Simon was and I have to admit, except for the auditions, I didn't watch it after Paula left.   But the auditions are always my favorite shows for some reason  so I watched it last night and tonight with the kids and we loved it!! OMG Steven is awesome, love him!! Loved him anyway, I love Aerosmith and their music so I loved him but wasn't too sure how it was going to be on the show...well it was awesome! And J. Lo...I am the same way with her, I loved her from the first time I saw her and heard her...what a very very talented lady she is and I admire her and adore her. She's awesome too and a friend of mine said that without Simon there, its more fun, not so serious and I definitely agree, its a lot  more fun and less serious .. Like I think that it should of been to begin with. I mean I know its a serious thing and all but you just have to

Blog Dare - The person from my past who influenced me the most…

Who from your past influenced you the most?  Are you still in contact with that person?  If you could talk to them right now, what would you say? I have several friends who have influenced me in my life and the ones that have, are still in my life. I am very thankful to them for all that they have done for me.

Blog Dare - If I had an anonymous blog…

If I had an anonymous blog, I would write way more of what's on my mind then I do. I would write more of my feelings and what is really going on with me and my thoughts. I have a ton of things on my mind and sometimes I want to write about it but don't...maybe I should sometimes just put it out there for the world too see...I am at a point in my life right now where I just don't give a crap what everyone thinks if I am doing the right thing or not or if I should stay with him etc etc..

The Bachelor!!

Wow, ok so I watched the Bachelor last night. Its been my new "have to watch" show on Monday's now. And omg it was GOOD last night!! I really don't see what in the world he sees in that Michelle girl!! She drives me nutty!! I think that she should of been sent home and I'm not sure why she's even still there!!  She is just out right rude and obnoxious every time I see her she's talking crap and or interrupting Brad and another girl...that just sucks and I don't like her .. I don't like the way that she acts and I don't like her attitude and her looks aren't the best either, not that I am much better but I just don't like her. I like Emily and Ashley the one that he had the first date with and went to the carnival they were so sweet with each other..anyway that's just my 2 cents   What is your thoughts on it? Do you watch it regularly now on Monday nights or catch it online and who are your faves and no so faves on there?

Taxes accepted! YAY!

So today has been a pretty good day. Leon went to work around 1:30. Found out that my Oklahoma taxes are accepted and the other day my federal got accepted so hopefully Oklahoma this week maybe even though when I call in it says to wait way longer but every other year I remember getting them right before Federal like a week before or so. So I am hoping that they will do them this Friday and we won't have to wait until next Friday for both but we will see how that goes. So anyway hopefully everything goes right it will be next Friday the 28th and if for some reason it does like it did last year it might not be until the 4th but it will be here soon I'm sure. So glad that its tax time. We need to get so much done.   Tune up and oil change for the van Glasses and contacts for myself. New mattresses for each of the kids, so that's 3 twin mattresses and 1 full ... I love the bunk bed though that has the twin on top and full on the bottom so at least my oldest son can h

Blog Dare - My first blog

I wrote my first blog on I don't think that I would of done anything differently. I enjoy writing/blogging and so glad that my step daughter introduced me to Myspace and the blog.

Blog Dare - Something Controversial

Ok so this is a blog day and I'm going to write about something controversial. Well the first thing that comes to mind is President Obama. I voted for him back in the election and I haven't regretted my decision as of yet. I think that he's doing a good job. I think that he could be doing a lot worse and I think that it takes a lot to be the President and with all the stress that the person is under, I think that he's handling it well from my point of view. And if I had to do all over again, YES I would vote for him again. I don't like McCain because of some of the things that he was saying and wanting to do but I really didn't like him b/c of the way that he chose his VP candidate!! Not knowing her but for such a short can't just up and pick someone like that?! That was just ridiculous and I can't stand her so that was just the icing on the cake. If she has the nerve enough to run on her own as President I will make sure that I vote a

Freebies & Samples page updated

Just a quick note to let you know that I have updated and will continue to update the Freebies and Samples page  through out each day or every other day. I am going to make a sweepstakes/contest page along with coupons page too. Have a great week :)

Maxine Recycling

Love Maxine and thought this was cute :) It was shared with me. Love it!

A very sexy man :) Vin

I absolutely LOVE this man and think that he is just...oh sooo sexy!!!

Day 16 Truth Blog - Someone or something you definitely could live without.

I could live without my husband.

Girl Scout Cookies!! So yummy!!!

I placed an order for some girl scout cookies since one of my best friends daughter's is in the girl scouts. I love the thin yummy!! I can't wait until they come in, mid Feb. or so. I love them and enjoy placing the order when its helping one of my friends out. What are your favorite girl scout cookies? Thin Mints are the top of my list.

Cameras - so many choices!

I am looking forward to buying a new camera for my step daughter who is expecting her first child, a boy, at the end of April. I ordered her one for Christmas but the retailer ripped me off and decided to charge my card but not tell me until ONE week before Christmas that the camera wasn't available any more!! I had placed the order nearly a month before Christmas in plenty of time for her to of gotten it!! Anyway I am looking for a camera for her and then mine died so I am looking for one for myself now too. And one for a best friend of mine that likes to take pics as well and that is going to be his birthday/Christmas present from me. So does anyone out there have any suggestions for what kind of cameras to get?? My step daughter, probably something simple but good. My best friend, he wants one with a good zoom on it and myself hmm well just something better then what I had! Let me know what kind of cameras you have and what are good etc.

Blog Dare - What I think of Product Reviews

I like product reviews. I do them myself and let others know what I think of the products regardless if its positive or negative. I like to share my opinion and thoughts with others so if they use the same thing or want some feedback before buying the product that they know some of the pros and cons of it.

E-filed the other day and still no word on being accepted!!

So I have a ton of things going through my mind right now. Number one is the taxes. I e-filed the other night and still haven't received anything stating that they are there and accepted or anything!! Ugh so freaking frustrating waiting like this to make sure that everything was right even though turbo tax checked and said that everything was error free! Still hard sitting here waiting, I like it better when I know that its not only accepted but approved.   I guess there was a ton of others that did the same thing as myself and e-filed earlier and then we have to wait for the IRS to catch up! Still frustrating!

Weather - hating the COLD!

Tonight Tomorrow Tomorrow Night Cloudy Mostly Cloudy PM Showers Showers 48°F 38° 57° 41° Feels Like:  46° Get FREE weather on your desktop Low High Low Past 24-hr: Precip:  0.19 in (est.) Snow:  0 in Chance of Precip: 20% Chance of Rain: 30% Chance of Rain: 30% Wind: From NE at 5mph Wind: ENE at 6 mph Wind: SSE at 7 mph Wind: WSW at 6 mph