American Idol Auditions

So I don't know about the rest of you, but I was wondering if Steven and J. Lo would be as good as I thought that Paula and Simon was and I have to admit, except for the auditions, I didn't watch it after Paula left.
But the auditions are always my favorite shows for some reason  so I watched it last night and tonight with the kids and we loved it!! OMG Steven is awesome, love him!! Loved him anyway, I love Aerosmith and their music so I loved him but wasn't too sure how it was going to be on the show...well it was awesome! And J. Lo...I am the same way with her, I loved her from the first time I saw her and heard her...what a very very talented lady she is and I admire her and adore her. She's awesome too and a friend of mine said that without Simon there, its more fun, not so serious and I definitely agree, its a lot  more fun and less serious .. Like I think that it should of been to begin with. I mean I know its a serious thing and all but you just have to relax sometimes even with the serious stuff.
So did anyone watch it? Love it! Will continue to watch it all season and get involved with it and actually vote this time around!


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